Heidi Klum Dressed Up As A Worm For Halloween And It Might Be Her Weirdest Costume Yet

Tinseltown/Shutterstock, @choquei/Twitter

Heidi Klum may have just won Halloween. Her costumes through the ages have been truly epic and she hosts amazing parties every year. Let’s take a little trip down memory lane through some of her costumes before we reveal what she went as this year…

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1. Jessica Rabbit

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2. Inside out!

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3. An old lady

4. And check out this assortment:

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And this year? She was a worm! That’s right — a WORM.

@choquei / Twitter
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This is just absolutely horrifying, isn’t it?

Here’s an actual interview with Klum — the worm.

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One twitter user wrote, “no one is touching heidi klum, halloween is hers the same way christmas is mariah’s. the girls are not prepared to commit to being fabulously ugly the way she is and that’s why she wins, every year.”

@mailonline / Twitter
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In fact, many people thought Klum deserved the Halloween Queen title:

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Check out her husband, Tom, who was dressed as a fisherman.

And Tom’s brother, Bill Kaulitz, joined them as a mermaid!

If you were worried that Klum was all – worm all night long, fear not. She lost the worm outfit…but kept the face!

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Love the commitment!

Written by Kate Hackett

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