Loser Rails At Gym Staff Who Tell Him His Membership Was Revoked For Sexual Harassment

Jay Rockefeller/YouTube

For some people, being told that your gym membership was revoked due to inappropriate behavior would be at least somewhat of an embarrassing experience. But one total jerk took it as an opportunity to record himself throwing a temper tantrum. Spoiler alert: he does not come out looking like the hero of the story here.

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The short video starts out with the unidentified man filming an employee who has come to remove him from the locker room.

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“What are you f—king harassing me for, brah?” he asks.

The employee explains that the man has already been informed his membership was revoked, and if he wants to discuss the matter further, he’ll need to come back to the front desk.

“Nah, it’s not revoked, dude,” the asshole protests.

He insists the employee go fix it himself, and that he doesn’t want to do anything other than go work out. However, the patient staff finally coerces him back to the front, although the man continues being a jerk about it the whole time.

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“This motherf—ker says my f—king membership’s revoked ‘cause I hit on a bitch the other day,” he says as they walk through the gym. “And the f—king manager wants to say, ‘oh, revoked,’ out of nowhere, dude.”

The footage cuts to a later moment, in which the guy insists the staff is taking too long to fix his issue and tries to go out to the floor despite not having an active membership.

Another employee tries to block him as he keeps walking back and forth, talking to his camera, yelling slurs, and insisting he needs to work out “right now.”

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The employee eventually tells him he needs to stop or they’ll call the cops to remove him.

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It’s unclear exactly where the incident took place, or how it was resolved, but Redditors were less than thrilled with this loser and his behavior.

“What?! I’m being accused of being a douche to a woman?! Can’t be!” u/PoliteCanadian2 mocked. “Watch me now be a douche to everybody.”

One Redditor said he came across like “an SNL skit about the 90s,” while another pointed out that he’s “sporting a wild variant of the Karen hairstyle.”

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The jerk himself actually previously posted the video of him hitting on a girl at the gym, because of course, he recorded it. The video also includes a clip of an employee asking him to leave afterward and then telling him he’s no longer welcome at the gym again after he throws a fit over it.