Flight Attendant Explains Why You Shouldn’t Order Coffee On A Plane

Just like coffee is a breakfast staple, the beverage has also become a staple to flying.

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While most airlines have skimped on the complimentary services over the past few decades, coffee is still the one complimentary item to hold steady.

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That’s because there’s a reason.

There are flight attendants that won’t touch that stuff. And if you can’t trust a flight attendant with this kind of stuff, who can you trust?

So, why is the coffee — and tea, as it turns out — so sketch?

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Thanks to TikTok, flight attendants are giving us a behind-the-scenes peek at life in the air, with a side of some helpful travel tips.

In January, TikToker Kat Kamalani shared what you should never consume while flying.

In her TikTok video, Kamalani said rule number one is to never consume liquid on a flight that did not come from a can or bottle.

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The reason is that the machines are never cleaned unless they are broken.

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They are also located by the lavatories. And anyone who has ever been on an airplane knows there is not a lot of space between the two.

For parents with bottles, she recommends asking for bottled water with a cup of hot water on the side.

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The parents make the formula with the bottled water and then set the bottle in the hot water so the water heats up the container.

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Kamalani isn’t the first person to offer this tip, either. Do a quick Google and you’ll find multiple sources suggesting the same, going as far back as 2017. In fact, a 2019 study from Hunter College’s New York City Food Policy Center had some bleak findings related to airplane water. A score of 3.0 or better means the water is safe. Only three out of 11 airlines ranked above a 3.0 rating – Alaska Airlines, Allegiant Air and Hawaiian Airlines.

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So, yeah. Don’t order coffee or tea anymore, OK?