Fitness TikToker Gets Called A ‘Karen’ For Complaining About People Interrupting Her Gym Videos

A young woman is receiving one of the worst classifications one can receive: Being a Karen. Yes, young people can also be Karens, as we recently learned.

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The young woman on the end of the Karen shaming is Lissette, who goes by lissettepma on TikTok and posts content related to fitness. Seems innocent, right?

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Well, one particular post did not go the way Lissette probably intended.

A video that received 2.3 million views opens with Lissette complaining about gym etiquette.

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Everyone who has ever been to a gym has run into That One Guy.

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However, as the video progressed, we learned Lissette was That One Guy. Or, in her case — a Karen.

Viewers soon learned the “etiquette” she was complaining about. And it wasn’t even a big deal.

Lissette was recording her leg stretch sessions and 15 minutes in, a woman walked in front of her camera.

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Lissette pointed out that it was easy to see her phone positioned on her bright-pink Hydroflask (#BrandAwareness) and the woman still walking in front of her phone’s camera.

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Another person had the audacity to walk in front of her DIY tripod.

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What Lissette learned, through her own comment section, is she is not oppressed just because two people walked in front of her recording session. Those people have every right to walk wherever they want.

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The sarcasm was thick and heavy in this comment section.

Many people also pointed out how Lissette filming strangers in the background without their knowledge is worse than people walking in front of Lissette’s video.

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Let’s look at some more comments, because this is really fun. And there are quite a few to choose from.

Aaaaand, there it is: The Karen comparison.

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Lissette obviously saw all the hate she was getting, because she doubled down in a comment. Then doubled down on her double down in another comment.

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If thousands of people are telling you “that ain’t it,” then you have to accept that ain’t it.


Few things annoy me and this would be one of them #fypシ #TeamUSAtryout #stretch

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