Ex-Versace Model Claims His ‘Good Looks’ Come From Drinking His Own Pee

model drink his own pee

Ex-Versace model Troy Casey is 55 years old and still rocking washboard abs. He credits his physique to a discovery he made long ago—drinking your own pee does wonder for your body. He also rubs it on his skin, ferments it, and then gives himself a fermented piss enema. Which one do you think you’d do first?

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“I drink my own urine every morning — I call it hair of the dog!” Casey told News Dog Media. “The feeling is electric.”

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Before you get too excited about this new self-care routine, Casey is not exactly Mr. Science. Based on his Instagram feed, he is pretty much an anti-vaxxer and doesn’t understand some pretty basic stuff about how things like germs work. Buyer beware.

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Drinking your own urine is actually based on an Ayurvedic practice, but Shivambu is not generally marketed as a way to get washboard abs. Casey is sure his fermented enemas are the reason he was featured in Versace campaigns.

“I would cultivate my own urine and ferment it in a sealed Mason jar for two weeks before transferring it into my rectum,” he claimed. “Aged urine enemas are so powerful for your health and I got my six-pack abs after doing them. It flushed out my gut and that’s when I got really ripped.”

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He added, “What it did for my mood and muscle building was amazing. I put it on my skin, especially when I’m on the beach, and it’s so electrifying and strengthening.”

I dunno, have you ever tried just drinking a cup of coffee? He started getting really into drinking piss in 2008 and did a seven-day urine fast.

“It’s a big psychological leap for people to use their own urine as a moisturizer but it’s so euphoric and anti-aging,” he continued. “Uric acid is used in high-end skincare products.”

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All right, I admit Casey is in great shape, but does he really look so much younger than 55 to make all this piss play worth it?

Casey lives in Arizona, where the desert air is more forgiving. He thinks Big Pharma is trying to keep the secrets of Ayurvedic practices from us all, which is probably at least partially true.

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“What so many pharmaceutical companies don’t want to tell you is that we as humans are the secret to health. That’s what I try to teach people in everything I do,” he explained. “People should be scared if they’re eating s–tty food and doing pharmaceutical drugs. Why should they be scared to try their own urine?”

Okay, you’ve convinced me. I gotta go have a talk with my roommates about the new mason jar collection I’m starting.