Overeager Fan Kisses Enrique Iglesias At Fan Meeting

enrique iglesias fan kiss

Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias is taking heat for a video he posted on his Instagram account of an overly eager female fan wrapping herself around him and then kissing him full on the lips — an action that he returned with enthusiasm.

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The video was taken at a fan meet and greet in Las Vegas and the 47-year-old singer captioned the post, “Friday night in #LASVEGAS @resortsworldlv see you tonight!!!!”

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Originally, the singer had intended to just plant a kiss on the woman’s cheek, but she snagged him with a kiss on the lips immediately after. At first, it’s easy to see in the video, he was taken aback by the kiss, but then he wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed the fan back while she lifted her phone to take a selfie of the memorable moment.

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Fans of the singer, however, are aware of his over two-decade-long relationship with partner Anna Kournikova, a retired tennis player, and raised concerns about if she knew and was okay with Iglesias kissing his fans. The couple has three children together, twins Nicholas and Lucy, 4, and Mary, 2.

Iglesias and Kournikova met while working on the music video for his 2001 track, Escape. In a recent interview with Jess Cagle on his SiriusXM show, the singer divulged that their children had seen the music video where their parents met. 

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“I think – no, I know my kids have already seen that video,” he said. “Whenever they hear one of my songs, they can actually recognize my voice which is pretty cool. But when they watch the video, it thinks it does throw them off a bit. ‘What is Mom doing there, you, with Dad? You know, when was this?’”

Given the long-running nature of the couple’s relationship, fans understandably assume that they are married. 

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One person asked on the post, “Won’t your wife be upset?”

“How does Anna allow this; OMG, he’s married lady,” exclaimed another person.

 A third commenter wrote, “How on earth does Anna endure this.” 

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“I’m confused. Anna is cool with it?? I wouldn’t be,” yet another Instagram user stated.

Yet another person judged the woman and singer for the kiss, saying, “Wow, so inappropriate of this woman and for you to let her do that. I am sure your wife is not gonna be happy.” 

While there were rumors in the early 2000s of the pair’s engagement, neither Iglesias nor Kournikova ever confirmed it, and it appears that they are happy with the status of their family unit — provided this video doesn’t blow up in Iglesias’s face.