Drake Picks Up Bar Tab For Detroit Ladies After Taking Shots In Viral Video

drake shots detroit

A short video of Drake chatting with a woman in a bar in Detroit and buying her drinks went viral over the weekend.

In the clip, the rapper can be seen drinking with two women, one of whom identifies herself as Brittney in the video. 

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Brittney, seen wearing glasses in the video, asks a friend off-camera, “Want to take a shot?” when the Toronto native singer walks up beside her and puts his hand on her shoulder. 

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Brittney asks Drake, “What you drinking? Light or dark? I’m a whiskey type of girl.” 

Drake shakes his head and says, “Oh no, I need a tequila.”

She seems surprised and orders a shot of Jack Daniels for herself, then asks the rapper if he wants Casamigos. He surprises her once again when he asks the server, “42, please.” For the potentially uninitiated, that would be a Don Julio 1942 Anejo Tequila.

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“Sooo @Drake was legit just casually in the City taking shots with my sis,” a woman who seems to know Brittney tweeted, ending the tweet with a teary-eyed smiley emoji and the heart hands emoji. She shared Brittney’s social media accounts later in the thread, just in case anyone wanted to follow her.

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Brittney described the events of Thursday to TMZ, saying that she was just “enjoying happy hour with a friend at a local seafood restaurant when Drizzy strolled in with a couple of bodyguards.” 

According to TMZ, Drake had initially turned down the offer of drinks with the ladies, saying he needed to catch a plane, only to return a short while later to accept the offer to drink with them. Additionally, when the camera stopped rolling, Brittney says that he upgraded her Jack Daniels to a Johnny Walker, and covered the bill for all of the drinks. Smooth moves, Drake.