Doctor Finally Explains Why You Get Butthole Cramps During Your Period

If you’ve ever had a “bootyhole cramp” (a very nonscientific term for the severe cramping inside the anus during menstruation), you know just how awful the whole (pun intended) thing can be.


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Cramping is a pretty common thing during your period, but many women don’t openly admit to this particular body location experiencing issues.

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Of course, that was before it went viral on TikTok. Good ol’ TikTok.

One commenter on the video above wrote, “The fact I thought it was a me problem…. thank u TikTok.” And another wrote, “EXPERIENCES I DIDN’T KNOW WERE UNIVERSAL I’M SO RELIEVED.”

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And according to surgeon Dr. Karan Rajan, anal cramping is common. It’s also not something that usually needs medical assistance.

Dr. Rajan takes on the topic in a video of his own that has gone viral. He explained what happens in the body and how menstruation causes these “butthole cramps” — aka, proctalgia fugax.

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“During a period, hormones called prostaglandins are released, which causes the muscles of the uterus to contract and the lining of the uterine to shed, and causes pain and cramps,” Dr. Rajan said.

@dr.karanr / TikTok

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“The prostaglandins also cause a contraction of the rectum, the pelvic floor muscles, and muscles around the anal canal,” Dr. Rajan explained.

@dr.karanr / TikTok

“These intense contractions can cause a muscle spasm and anal cramps.”

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So, naturally, the question now is: how do we stop them?

BuzzFeed spoke with Dr. Rajan. He said:

“Proctalgia fugax can sometimes be eased with warm baths, which can help reduce muscle spasms, or avoiding prolonged sitting, which can [tighten] pelvic floor muscles and muscles around the anus. Generally, stretching and movement [should] help, but thankfully it’s usually a transient issue.”

Dr. Rajan’s very wide audience on TikTok aims to teach viewers about assorted medical issues and phenomena.

@drkaranrajan / Instagram
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His videos also reached a large swath of men, who obviously do not face period-related issues.

“How about guys that have butthole cramps, asking for a friend!” one user commented.

Dr. Rajan’s response?

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“Proctalgia fugax can affect men too for [similar reasons], so avoiding a sedentary lifestyle is advisable.” He followed up that for men it is “important to [rule out] other causes of anal pain, like hemorrhoids, fissures, and ulcers.”

Written by Kate Hackett

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