Women Share Cultural Customs They Liked So Much They Adopted Them

We live in a culturally diverse world, with people practicing different customs depending on how and where they were raised. But some customs are so good that people from other cultures have found themselves adopting them over time.

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Many customs relate to cleanliness and health, but some also relate to respect and socializing. Do you take off your shoes when entering someone’s house? Are you trying to cultivate a cozy atmosphere in your home? What about celebrating holidays not traditionally celebrated in your country because they feel meaningful to you?

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On Reddit, women are sharing the cultural customs they’ve adopted in their lives.

And maybe you’ll be inspired to do so as well.

1. Taking Off Shoes

“Shoes off at the door.” — stoleyoursnacks

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2. Wearing A Mask

“Wearing a mask when you don’t feel well!” — Dirty-birdie108

3. Cleaning Festivals

“At the end of every year I do my own version of the Japanese cleaning ‘festival’ called oosouji or big clean. The idea is to declutter and clean so as not to bring any of the ‘dirt’ from the past year into the next one with you. Coupled with the fact that I’ve already done a couple rounds of the Konmari tidying festival, it makes for a very clean start to the new year.” — Cymas

4. Enjoying Good Food

“My bf is Italian. The biggest difference between us is our relationship with food. I grew up in a household that valued being skinny, fad diets and ‘healthy’ food choices. I ate for sustenance. Food didn’t need to taste good, food is nourishment. That was drilled into my head akin to brushing my teeth and washing my face. I had never considered eating as a gathering experience – unless it was Christmas or Thanksgiving. Since knowing him, my relationship with food has become a lot healthier, I love food. I love eating and cooking with others, I love the intimacy and connection I’ve created with others around eating. And now, I experience an intimacy with food that I never had prior to meeting him. I finally feel free to indulge and oddly, I feel much healthier than I have ever been.
So I suppose, my response is: enjoying good meals with the ones you loves.” — Flowersmeadows

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5. Hygge

“Hygge: it’s the Norwegian/Danish concept of living in coziness. It also means home sweet home. Think fuzzy socks, big blanket, fireplace, and warm cup of hot chocolate.” — Equivalent_Moment345

6. Chopsticks

“Chopsticks! They’re pretty handy with certain dishes.” — holsthepisces

7. Thanksgiving

“Thanksgiving lol. Our friends and family think we’re wacko. I guess we are. But we LOVE that one day of the year where we eat American food…We also share what we’ve really loved about this year and why we’re thankful for that but that’s just a small part. It’s mainly about the food!” — volcom1422

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8. Different Foods

“Yogurt with savory food. I never eat sweet yogurt anymore, only plain as a side to savory items! Lived in India for a bit and am from USA.” — sillysandhouse

9. Drains In The Bathroom

“I really wish bathroom floors in the US had drains. It’s just so much easier to clean. As in scrub, wash and squeegee the dirty water into the drain. Wet mopping the floor doesn’t seem as effective/convenient.” — rmatthai

10. Hot Tea

“Drinking hot tea! Hot tea was just some nonessential part of life for me before I went to Scotland. In Louisiana we drink pretty much only iced tea and most restaurants if you ask for hot tea won’t have anything for you. Now I have tons of different teas for different purposes and moods and an electric kettle! What a marvelous invention.” — nannerooni

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