Paranormal Skeptics Are Sharing The Creepiest Unexplained Things They’ve Seen (21 Stories)

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Even the most scientific, level-headed realists will admit that some things in life are hard to explain. Paranormal skeptics of Reddit are discussing situations where event they can’t explain exactly what they saw.

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Redditor u/LordMaboy asked:

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“What is the creepiest thing you saw even though you’re very skeptical about paranormal things?”

Whether you’re a believer or not, you have to admit—some of these stories are bizarre.

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Here are 21 of the most popular creepy stories according to Reddit.


“A handful of times, I would feel the corner of the bed lower as if someone sat down on it. Whenever it happened, I would refuse to turn over and just face the wall until I fell asleep. That was over 25 years ago.” –Kellner21

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“It was around 7pm right when the sun was almost set. My cousins swore that one of my grandma’s friends was in their backyard, knocking on the window in their room and trying to talk to them. Although not entirely strange for her to be back there (she regularly helped my grandma with her garden), at this point she had been reported missing and nobody even knew where she was. It was only later that we learned she was already dead sometime that morning. She had been stabbed several times and her body found in a dumpster nearby. I don’t know who the f*ck my cousins saw that night.” –ObiMemeKenobi


“The girl I was babysitting one night came running out of her room crying. Saying something was walking by her window. Now I get a lot of creepy stories and things from the kids I babysit. They have crazy imagination. So I go check not really thinking anything. Something runs by the window as I’m checking it out. A distinctly humanoid figure. At this point I needed a diaper as much as the little girl I was babysitting. So I text the parents asking about it. And no shit this is the response I get. ‘Omg you saw it too?!’ Yeah I cried. Called the cops too. They came by and said they didn’t see anything around. The thing is. The parents had called the cops several times before too for the same reason. One of the freakiest times I’ve ever babysat.” –cleaning-meaning

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“Was working as an EMT in a rural small town for a few years. Was up late after a run finishing my report when I started hearing someone come down some wooden stairs in the bay about 40 ft from me. The stairs go up to a training room and it’s just me and my partner there. I go look, nothing there. I go sit back down and try to finish the report. Sound gets loud and fast down the stairs so I just get up and start walking out when the plug in for the ambulance just shoots out and crashes against the wall. Decided to finish my reports in the bunk rooms.” –Drake9214

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“Had a room in our hotel where a murder occurred, got multiple complaints that the sheets have blood stains and the lights won’t turn on from different guests every couple weeks. Whenever we’d check the room, no issues. One time after moving the guests, got a noise complaint that there was screaming coming from the room. Check the room, empty. Listened to the neighbours rooms and didn’t note any noise either. We had never publicly release that the murder occurred in that room, and nobody but staff knew. I’m skeptical but creeped me out.” –Backshot14


“My aunt has a story of her and her siblings sharing the same experience while in three separate rooms. My aunt and I were driving in the town she went to school in. We drove past a house and I remarked how bad it looked. She replied “it is worse inside. That place is haunted”. I had never heard my aunt talk of anything paranormal and I haven’t since. The story goes that the three of them rented out some sketchy house while going to school. Apparently, strange things would happen that made them feel uncomfortable but never anything crazy. They would all notice on a few occasions they would wake up in the night with the blankets off and at the foot of the bed. Nothing strange, people kick of blankets when they get too hot all the time. One night, my aunt recounts that she had a dream she was falling and needed to grab onto something to save herself. She suddenly realized that she wasn’t dreaming and she was being pulled by her ankles out of her bed. She grabbed the rails of the headboard and after a few horrifying moments she gets the strength to scream. AT THE SAME TIME she hears screams from her siblings rooms. Just as soon as it started, the feeling ended and she ran to check on them. They all had the same feeling of being pulled out of their bed. Needless to say they moved out and didn’t look back.” –Great_Big__

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“I didn’t see anything but in my old house I would be laying in bed watching tv at 2/3 am an could distinctly hear someone wearing heavy boots walk from the bathroom to the kitchen…they would do it four or five times then it would stop. At first I thought it was my mom or my grandma (I lived with both) and I would go check to see what they were doing up so late but no one was ever there. One day at dinner I brought it up to them and my grandma had told me she had heard the same footsteps since she first moved in. I’m pretty skeptical, the house was old and creaky it could have been anything but it sounded just like human footsteps and I can’t explain the repetition…usually in a creaky house you’ll hear one or to sounds then it goes away so.” –Adventurous_Egg_6321

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“It was a Saturday, I was taking a nap, in my dreams, a girl with a white dress came to me, got near my ear, and started screaming, I instantly woke up, and I heard the door ringing, it was a friend that came over, the moment he comes in he asks if I’m with a girl at home, I was like why are you asking, he said that he rang the bell and a girl answered, he asked if I was home, and she said “yes, he’s sleeping, I’ll wake him up, just a second.” I was freakin traumatized.” –fantik223


“There’s a section of the warehouse I work in that’s from the 1940’s and is said to be haunted. Well I was on the 2nd floor one night (shift is 9pm-5am) when I saw someone lean out of one of the aisle ways along the side of the main walkway, notice me, and lean back in…almost as if they were just checking to see who was there. Thinking it was my manager, I called out to him and walked over, but nobody was there. Being that this section of warehouse is 80ish years old, the floors are all wooden and incredibly loud. There is no possible way someone could move around up there without making footsteps or creaks. I heard nothing, saw nothing else, and nobody else was on that floor.” –dYaunie76

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“One night, I was driving the car with my friend in the passenger seat. We were taking back roads just listening to music. There was nobody else around, and the stretch we were in was without streetlights. Out of nowhere, two blaring lights shined in the rearview mirror. I swear, I looked at the mirror and saw a car right behind me. Since nobody had been around just seconds ago, I assumed the car must be driving pretty fucking fast. So I floored it. I braced myself for impact. A second later when nothing happened, I looked back at the rearview mirror. There was nothing but the faint red from my own tail lights. I slowed and told my friend what I just saw. She admitted, she did not see any such lights. She did, however, get a creepy feeling and shivered just moments before I saw it.” –GoddessOfRoadAndSky

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“My grandmother had a story of dreaming a woman with long black hair was strangling her. When she woke up she was holding several long black hairs. No one in the house had hair past their chin and none of it was black.” –The-one-true-hobbit


“I don’t find it creepy, but I bought my house last year after the old owner passed away. Because I was working on renovations, I didn’t initially sleep in the main bedroom, but on several occasions I would walk by the room and see my dog curled up in the middle of the floor. From the wear patterns in the carpet; you could tell where the furniture had been, and where my dog slept corresponded to the foot of the bed. I like to think that my dog was keeping the old owner company while he got comfortable with me.” –YeetOrBeYeetenEsq

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“I remember when I was 7 or 8 and looking out of my bedroom window one night and seeing a face. I suppose it could be considered a stereotypical alien face. Huge eyes, narrow mouth no noticeable nose or possibly resembling slenderman or The Silence from Dr. Who, but it was many years ago. The window was 6 ft or so off the ground and this face was near the top of it. Whatever it was felt…evil and it was aimed at me. My adult mind says it was a dream, but I’m sure I was awake. I have told this story twice. Once to my SO, and once here. I don’t talk about it because I feel like if I do, it will somehow know and come back.” –Screaming_Wilhelm

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“Lights flashing in my bedroom at night when I was around 12. It looked like an invisible man walking around in the room and taking pictures with a camera, but all we could see were the flashes. It happened from 2 am to 6 am, a flash every few minutes or so. I had two of my friends with me who slept over, that’s how I know I didn’t dream or imagine it.” –Alokir


“I was 14-15 at the time and came home a little tipsy, my room was on the top floor of our house and I just went straight to bed. Now while lying down I hear someone trying to get someone’s attention. The sound was , “psssttt, pssstttt”. We’ve been living here for the longest time but I remember there were stories of maids being murdered by the previous owners before but everyone thought it was just old wives tales so I we didn’t really pay too much heed to it. Anyway I try to ignore it and realized its getting a little louder, since I was a little inebriated I found the courage to call out “if you’re really a ghost then prove it!” I felt a slap inside my right thigh which made me immediately sit up straight. I stood up and reached for the light and looked inside my room, no one was there. Pulled down my pants and noticed a red welt shaped hand forming with the fingers pointing to my gonads so the slap seemed like it was made by someone sitting at the end of the bed. Needless to say I bunked up with my brothers for a few months after that.” –azraelum

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“I was exploring an abandoned multi story building with some family members that local legend claimed was haunted. We didn’t notice anything when we were inside, but after we left and were walking away from the building my sister looked back at the building and then pointed something out to me. In one of the top floor windows were two human silhouettes that appeared to be looking down at us. We got freaked out and ran” –quitpayload

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“I was a manager at a pet store, and we used paper bags. This elderly lady bought a couple things, and was rang through and then continued to browse for a bit while she waited for friends/family. As I was filling out something on one of the unused tills for paper work, I noticed this woman’s paper bag start to leak out of the corner. Then turned into a steady stream that did not stop. At first I was like maybe she put a bottle of water on the bag upside down, no biggie. So I went over to point out her bottle was leaking in her bag (she didn’t notice) and then I looked into the bag. No bottle, nothing that could have been leaking. It was a clear bag of biscuits packaged in store, and a bully stick. I took the bag of biscuits out and it was completely full of water, draining out of the corner, but here’s the paranormal/unexplained bit: the bag never decreased in level of water. It just kept pouring water with no stopping. Me and a few customers just watched it for 10 seconds before I realized I should take it out side. So I did, customers in tow, and just sat the bag down while it continued to pour. And after 30 seconds after I put it down, the bags water level started to sudden decrease and was empty in like 5 seconds. I was fucking floored. Like what did I just witness? A bag that was magically connected to a source of water? I don’t and still don’t know. I watched the cameras over so many times and couldn’t explain it.” –Lunatik21


“The ghost of the former owner of my house. He was next to my bed trying to talk to me. My kids saw him many times before.” –StrangeAsYou

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“When I was 16 or 17 I had a friend who was a goth and she was all over the witchy things (this is early 2000s), at some point she started talking about some sort of entities that were tormenting her and grabbed my hands very desperately while crying. The next day, the skin in my hands was incredibly dry and kind of ‘breaking up’ in the spot she had grabbed me by. It took two days and a lot of hydrating cream to make my skin look normal again. It was incredibly weird.” –flacocaradeperro

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“Exploring the old abandoned army barracks in Whittier, Alaska at night. I dont believe in the paranormal. Not even a little bit. But dang was there some crap I couldn’t explain. Shadows, strange sounds, sudden ambient temperature drops. All the stuff you used to see on Ghost Hunters. It was creepy as heck.” –HeartachetoHouston


“Randomly, over the period of about 2 years, I would be laying in bed trying to fall asleep and feel someone sit on the bed. The first time it happened I sat straight up and turned my bedside lamp on. Nothing. I figured I was dreaming and laid back down, turned the lamp off, and stared into the darkness of my room. A few minutes later it happened again. Scared the shit out of me. So, a few nights a week for a couple of years this would happen. I would also feel the motion of the bed when it stood back up. I eventually began speaking to it sometimes and asking it to sit or stand on command. It eventually would on cue. Then, one night it stopped, just like it hadn’t ever happened at all. And it never happened again for the three remaining years I lived there.” –fluffheadsbanker

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