Women Confront Middle-Aged Man For Taking Creepshots Of Them In Airport

Have you ever noticed that a stranger was taking pictures of you? And did you feel comfortable confronting that person?

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This kind of creepy behavior isn’t new, but call-outs on TikTok are gaining popularity as women are increasingly giving no f**ks about publicly shaming perverts in public.

TikTok user @bailzherb shared a video of herself and her friend at the airport, approaching a middle-aged man and asking him if he had been taking pictures of them.

@bailzherb / TikTok
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The video begins with the two women asking the man if he photographing them without their consent, which the man denies.

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Then, they ask to see his camera. The man then attempts to flee, telling them, it’s “OK, I wasn’t.” But then he switches his story and says that the women shouldn’t “worry about it” and that he will delete the pictures. The women then loudly announce, “It’s really weird to take pictures of females in public without their permission so you should never do that again.”

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The man then takes out his phone, still assuring them that he will delete the pictures. They women say no, delete them now in front of us. Apparently, there were a total of five pictures of @bailzherb and her friend—and the two girls insist he delete them from both the roll and his trash.

Then, they show the man’s face while continuing to call his gross behavior out.

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“Is this somebody’s dad that takes pictures of females in public,” says the friend. “No I’ll call you out any day because that’s f—king weird. Don’t ever do that again.”

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Creepy men, take note. It’s unacceptable to take pictures of people without their knowledge or consent—and you may just get called out on social media.


I know some people won’t understand why we are so upset/mad but this happens WAY too often and it’s violating and creepy.

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Featured Image: TikTok