Every Woman Has A Creep Story, Here Are Some Of The Worst (31 Stories)

After over a year of physical distance and isolation, we are gearing up for one wild, fully vaxxed summer. And while women are eager to trade in their sweat pants for hot pants, with great summer outfits comes an abundance of summer creeps. As we get ready to shake off the catcalls, unwanted touching, and obnoxious stares, the women of Reddit are discussing the creepiest creeps they’ve experienced.

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Reddit user u/AllWhammyNoMorals asked the question:

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“Women of Reddit, what was your worst run-in with a creep?”

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And the answers are unsurprisingly revolting. Warning: many of these stories are disturbing.

Here are 31 of the most upvoted creep stories from the ladies of Reddit.


“Was walking down the sidewalk and a guy whistled at me from his car, I ignored him and kept walking. He revved his engine loudly and ran his car up on the sidewalk, missing me by a couple of feet. I was 12.” –EstherandThyme

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“My friend and I were 16 and wandering around at a Sephora in the mall, just swatching eyeshadow and highlighter on our wrists. He was the only guy in the store, and I only vaguely noticed him in the same aisle as us just before we paid. It didn’t ring any alarm bells for me whatsoever, because why should it? We picked up our highlighter and went to pay, the girl at the register rung up our items, leaned over and said quietly “That guy followed you two into the store and has been watching you in each aisle. I’m going to give you your bags, and go ask him if he needs any help, you two need to get as far away as possible. If you see him follow you Outside of this store, go talk to security.” She handed us our bags, gestured at the door, and walked up to him as we ran out.” –thetastykhargosht


“I was walking my dog & made the mistake of not rushing home ok once it got dark. A man in a baseball cap & oversized jacket blocked my path to comment how pretty my dog was & how I must take good care of him. I smiled (tightly) & thanked him. Told him to have a good day & nodded & went to go around him. So he naturally grabbed my arm & said “Yeah I bet you take real good care of anything you have. You married?” I lied & said yes. He let me go but followed me home. I wound up calling my boyfriend to come pick me up.” –werewolf6780

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“Probably the guy at a bar who pinned me against a wall and told me not going home with him “wasn’t an option.” On the plus side, I got to sprint into a cab, slam the door, and exclaim “just drive,” so that was cool?” –pamplemouss

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“A guy at my university followed me around for about 15 years. I have a unique surname. There used to be a way for students to use pine to find out who else was logged in and where on campus. He would use that command and show up in the computer lab and sit next to me. He looked me up in the phone book and showed up at my parents’ house. After a restraining order, you would think it was done right? Wrong. I was speaking at an international conference in another country. Guess who was sitting in the front row! This was a conference for a very niche scientific field that he was definitely not part of. A few years later, I was at an alumni event with my husband. My husband left the table to go to the washroom. Guess who sat down the second he left! Police were called. It’s been a few years since the last incident. Still paranoid.” –dirtymonkeybutt


“A guy saw me in the metro and thought I was cute which meant he had to follow me on my 5km walk home to my flat in the middle of the night. He introduced himself to me as I was about to put in the key to my door.” –freshorangetictac

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“There was a guy in my hometown that would wait outside the high-school, with the door to his corvette open, hoping a girl would get in. I lived in the middle of nowhere. To get to my house I had to walk over a mile, on a one lane dirt road, winding through a forest. One day as the school bus was approaching my laneway to drop me off, the corvette guy was waiting in my laneway, with his door open. The bus driver wouldn’t let me off the bus; he continued to the next drop and told me to go to that house and call my parents to pick me up. (This was in the days before cell phones existed).” –Electronic_Speech563

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“When I was thirteen a fifty-something-year-old man said in front of my mother that if I ever misbehaved he would give me a spanking, kinda out of the blue. Then when her attention was averted he kinda snuck a hug for a few seconds too long.” –AggressiveBookLover


“Made eye contact with a guy across the street. Smiled at him to be polite. He followed me home without me realizing it and spent the next few days stalking me, following me when I left the house, leaving notes on my front door, etc. Had to get the cops involved.” –OneWayRabbit

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“There was a creepy hunched old man who used to come into a pub I worked at. He used to say and do slightly weird things and then one day he called one of the glass collectors fat (she was 16 at the time) and to apologize he went to fist bump her, then grabbed her hand and put her fingers in his mouth.” –ReleaseTheBeeees

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“I’m a bartender and one night I was serving three men who work at an Italian restaurant nearby. I was offered a job, which I politely declined. They were my last patrons. I closed out their tab, finished my side work and had a bus boy walk me to my car. As the bus boy left in his own car, this black Porsche SUV blocks me in my spot. The window is rolled down and I realize it’s the owner of the Italian restaurant. He asks if I want to go home with him. I decline. He asks if the bus boy was my boyfriend and I lied and said yes. He scoffed and sped off. I hurry and leave to head home. As I pull into my parking spot at my house, I see the same SUV drive by! I woke up my neighbor who was a military guy, and he said he’d keep an eye out. That night I found the guys name online, his Facebook profile, his business profile, his wife’s profile and his phone number. I took screenshots and sent them all to him telling him not to harass me or I’ll retaliate. I never heard from him again.” –tumbledstone


“15-year-old me went shopping and felt a weird touch when I was browsing books. Didn’t think anything of it, then again another touch. Turned around to see a grown-ass man trying to touch me up in public in the middle of the day in a book shop. I was so scared, I just stood there staring at him. Me, now, would have done it differently.” –Maleficent-Spite

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“When I was 18, my friend and I were driving home around 3am and we stopped by a gas station to get a snack. We hop out of the car and immediately this guy nearby call out to me, saying “brunette, white jacket!”. He asks my name, I give him a fake one, and my friend and I go into the store. We decided to wait in there until he drove away but 15 minutes later he was still there. Eventually he comes into the store, looks around for us, and approaches me. The guy looked to be around 25-30. He smelled of cigarettes and I backed up closer to my friend but he took a step forward and proceeded to ask me for my number, saying I was cute, etc. I lied and told him I was a minor, to which he respected and backed off. He then says, “Good to know. Maybe next time” and leaves. We watch their car drive away and only leave about five minutes after we were sure he was gone. We left the store and got into the car. As we pulled out of the parking lot, I saw his car pulled over on the side of the road. We drove past it and I watched as the car turned on and started following us. I begged my friend to take the long way home (because I didn’t want to lead him to my house and because the long way passes by a fire station that I would’ve gone to for help, had they followed us that far). Eventually we lose sight of the car, go home, and I never saw him or the car again.” –EliseCle

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“In fifth grade, after ballet practice, I was only wearing shorts and a jacket over my dance clothes (leotard and tights), and standing in a chipotle line. Some old dude was behind me and asking me about my phone. According to my mother, he was looking at my body, scanning it up and down. Even before I found that out he gave me the creeps. When we left, he rushed to pick up his order and ran out the door after us and followed us home. He stopped following at the last turn. I had trouble sleeping.” –peachyjams


“The most memorable was when I was sitting in my parents’ front garden, on the swing, reading. The way everything is laid out with the trees and whatnot, you can barely see the swing/deck/BBQ area from any perspective that’s not from the front door. Very private spot. Anyway, I was just sitting there reading when I hear someone walking up. Assume it’s a family member because how would it not be? Someone plops down on the swing next to me, throws an arm around me and it’s just … some f*cking guy. Says some stuff, tries to move closer and proceeds to attempt to keep me from leaving when I get up. I gtfo of there, practically sprint back to the house and tell my dad what just happened and that there’s some asshole in our garden being completely gross at me. He just laughs and says, “Oh, that’s just [new across the street neighbor]. Be nice.” The f*ck?” –tornadobutts

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“I smiled at a guy I passed in the park (as I do everyone I pass). He immediately turned around and followed me, but not before he began masturbating with his entire dick and balls out of his shorts.” –spaide333

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“I was 21 in a strange city and got separated from my friend at a bar. I was drunk and wanted to go back to the hotel so as I’m leaving, this guy who had been sitting near me all night followed and got IN MY CAB with me and closed the door. Again, I was very drunk so had to think quickly and stay as calm as possible. He tried to talk to me and I just nodded and made small talk (I didn’t know if rejection would turn him violent so I played along the best I could) after telling the driver where to take me. The whole time this guy is moving closer and touching me, so as soon as the car stopped I got out, RAN into the hotel lobby where I knew this man would be following me, and screamed to the hotel security and desk employees, “I DO NOT KNOW THIS MAN. HE IS FOLLOWING ME”, and they took it from there..” –77thHorcrux


“A guy who stays regularly at the hotel I work in, all the female staff know to avoid getting caught alone with him. He has a habit of asking us if we know of any “adult fun” nearby. If you just act like you don’t know what he’s talking about he’ll say he wants to go to brothels and have a good time without his wife. He’ll then progress to offering you various amounts of money for the night and asking you what you like in bed and what you’d be willing to do. He developed such an obsession with one of our staff before she left that security would walk round with her when he stayed because he’d followed her out to her car at one point making suggestive comments. Got stuck alone with him once as I was behind the counter and he stood blocking the only way out from behind it. He started the usual chat and I told him I wasn’t interested. He then moved on to asking me what time I finished, if I lived nearby, if I walked home alone. My male coworker turned up then but he creeped on me from a distance the rest of the day and watched me leave. I have no doubt he will assault someone one day, hotel won’t ban him because he regularly spends money.” –skyaniwan

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“Weird Larry lived in my dorm. He unsuccessfully hit on all the girls, which is why he was Weird Larry. It totally ruined his self esteem. One night, Larry just showed up and invited himself into my room. I was not fully clothed. He took this as an invitation and climbed up into my bunk bed. I asked him to get down, and he asked me to come up there with him so we could have sex. When I refused, he took some quarters out of his pocket, put them on my night stand and said, “What if I paid you? You could do your laundry!” I told him that wasn’t enough change to do a full load of laundry, and he started crying and getting snot all over my pillow.” –NeedsMoreTuba

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“When I delivered pizzas and I was 18 this guy asked me if I wanted to step in while he grabbed his money. It was cold and rainy so I took him up on the offer. He ended up trying to keep me there til his mom got home because he didn’t have enough for the pizza. He tried to force me into a pyramid scheme and kept making uncomfortable comments about me. I had left my phone in my car so I couldn’t text my manager to call me to give me an out because no matter how hard I tried to leave this guy would find some way to block my path. I took off when he went to the bathroom and told my manager about what happened. Females weren’t allowed to deliver to him anymore. We eventually found out he was a convicted sex offender too. Normally I find an out and I always have an escape plan. But I put myself in a position where I couldn’t give myself an escape. I went on to manage/deliver pizzas for several years, but after that day I implemented a new rule which was, NEVER enter anyone’s home unless I knew who it was. I’d stand in the pouring rain any day over entering a strangers home. I come from a “safe” low crime area, but my gut instinct that night was that I was in danger.” –Paramisamigos


“I’ve met many creeps, but the one that immediately came to mind is the dude that put his hand down the front of my pants at a concert. He tried to play it off like it was an accident. Things get pretty crowded in the pit, so it’s not like there’s any personal space- but HAND DOWN MY PANTS- there’s no way that’s an accident. He was with who I presume was his girlfriend and when I turned around to be like “wtf” she glared at me like I was trying to hit on him.” –kittenmittens4865

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“I talked to him for 2 minutes at a welcome / ice breaker game when university first started. A few months later, I decided to not go to university anymore and to move in with my parents (I had not seen him since the game), he contacted not me but the Priest of our village! He told him I had a “special aura” and he needed me around. He drove 2 hours to say that to my priest. Thank god the priest did not like that and called me and offered to call the cops. It still haunts me how much he must have found of me online/ researched to know where I live and that I was religious. I definitely did not tell him that. Really weird.” –oldskies

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“14 years old and alone on the subway. Man sits in a seat across from me, spreads his legs and starts masturbating through his pants while staring me straight in the eyes. I was getting ready to jump up and run out at the next stop. An older gentleman suddenly appeared, stood directly in front of me like a shield and stared the guy down. At the next stop he pointed to the door and made him get off. I hope I said thank you but I was in shock. So thank you dear man who protected me and made me feel safe.” –Annual_Version_6250


“When I was 16 I would walk to college once a week to keep fit, as it was an hour away. One day I had only just set off and I was accosted by a guy on a bike that wouldn’t leave me alone. I was really shy and anxious so I tried to be friendly, but he wouldn’t leave me alone. He finally said he’d go away if I gave him my number and I didn’t feel like I could say no so I gave it to him to get him to bugger off and just thought I’d ignore his calls. Fast forward to later in the day and I had to shut my phone off cause he was calling and texting so much. He was sending texts saying that he loved me. When I turned the phone back on I had 100 missed calls and nearly as many texts. It only stopped after about a week of this. It seriously made me nervous for a long time because he’d originally accosted me so close to my house, and I was scared that he’d see me again and follow me, but I never saw him again.” –cobbs_spinning_top

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“I was 19, worked at a main library in my city, with several floors and an elevator. I was taking a book truck, the library guard got on, as soon as the door closed he cornered me and kissed me. He was at least 40 and much bigger than me. I never got on an elevator alone with him again, nor with anyone else that I didn’t know.” –Zhoenish

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“Not the worst but a random old man on the street asked if I was a virgin when I was like 17, although I looked more like 14.” –harlotScarlett


“A few years ago I lived in a tiny condo right next to a few trails in San Diego. I was on a pretty strict running & hiking routine. One night it got dark faster than expected. A man who appeared to be about 6’3”, & 200 pounds approached me as I was nearing the end of my hike. He told me; with a smirk on his face, to be careful as there are many things that could hurt me when the sun goes down. The next day as I’m exiting my back gate he’s standing there as if he’s waiting for me. He introduced himself and admitted he’s been watching me for awhile. I decided to pretend like I was grabbing something from my car and went back into my house. For the next few days I see this guy circling my condo, looking in if the curtains are open. He was always walking around day and night. I checked the Megan’s law website and surprise, there he was. Multiple charges including rape by force or fear and child pornography. I decided to contact his parole officer end he immediately returned my call stated he could tell I fit his m.o. and to use extreme caution. He said he would do what he could to get him out of the neighborhood. After that call I thankfully never saw him again.” –tumbledstone

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“I was walking to the train station at 9 pm in a very isolated area (no one was around). Two men were following me as I’m sure they knew I was going to the train station and in order to get there, I had to go through a dark alley. They were two huge men and I was shorter and also a minor (which was obvious cause I had a backpack). They started trying to corner me and then they asked questions about where I live and if I live in the area and then a big family came and the men left.” –Psychological-Low868

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“I was 8 years old and waiting for the bus in the morning to go to my mom’s work. A guy sat next to me at the bus stop and his bus pass was the wrong color (expired). He told me he loved me and as scary as it is, I said thank you. When the bus finally came, I got on first and the bus driver lady immediately shut the door behind me. She said the man knelt down to try and look up my shorts and that he wouldn’t be taking the bus with us. I told my mom and after work we went and bought me my first pepper spray. As a f*cking 8 year old.” –Hambulance


“Used to work with this old man that would touch me all the time on my arm or my back. It’s hard for me to make a scene although I wish that I had been direct with him. My solution was to shuffle away from him anytime he got close to me. It did seem to fix it but he was kind of a dick afterwards. Also same job, I was kissed on the neck by another coworker very suddenly. This guy was not from the US so I chalked it up to cultural differences, but I did not view him the same way afterwards.” –TrusTissue69

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“When I worked at Mercedes-Benz as a receptionist a old man would regularly get his car maintained there. He would never make eye contact, only stare at your chest, and would follow me around the store any time he saw I wasn’t at my desk. I lost my cool when he followed about 6 inches behind me and when i turned around he asked if he could have some of MY BOTTLE WATER. WTF?” –EmberFire97