Costco Worker Making $29.50/Hour Sparks Argument About If It’s “Deserved”

costco pay tiktok argument

A Costco employee’s revelation that she makes nearly $30 an hour is driving people who don’t think retail workers deserve a living wage out of their minds.

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@natnatt21’s posted a simple TikTok last week that just shows her standing with a coworker at Costco, presumably on downtime as there don’t seem to be any customers around. 

“When you make $29.50 just to draw smiley faces on receipts,” she wrote on top of the video. The caption adds even further context: “And it’s union…gotta love Costco.”

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Natalie’s video has been viewed over 16.5 million times since she shared it, prompting a wide array of responses.

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“I’m out here saving lives and you’re putting smiley faces on paper. AND we have the same pay,” wrote @ambermo94. “Make it make sense.”

“I work in the medical field and I don’t even get paid this,” @donnaphillips39 added.

“I’m gonna guess you live in California, if so, ain’t really a flex,” another viewer scoffed.

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But while there are a bunch of comments disparaging the idea that Costco pays well, others pointed out that this is exactly what big corporations should be doing.

“Why are y’all mad Costco takes care of their employees?” asked @__k.a.y.l.i.e__.

“This is why I have seen the same Costco employees for years,” @oxmariatheresaxo suggested. “Walmart has new employees every week.”

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Another TikToker addressed the problem with those upset about @natnatt21’s Costco wages in a video of their own.

“What’s crazy to me is this happens so often where people in certain fields think that they should be making way more than people working ‘easier jobs’ like retail or food service or whatever… they always b*tch about how those people should be making less, instead of how they should be making more,” @lilyleia said. “If you think it’s unfair that you and this person make the same pay, maybe you should be upset with your employer instead of another working class person.”