Conor McGregor Tried To Troll Jake Paul Online— And Jake Paul Clapped Back Hard

conor mcgregor jake paul response
@thenotoriousmma/Instagram, @jakepaul/Twitter

Conor McGregor tried to pick a fight with Jake Paul on Twitter, but Paul wasn’t taking any of the fighter’s crap and shot right back.

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McGregor and Paul have been throwing internet punches at each other for the last year or so ever since the YouTuber took to the ring. While Paul is certainly a novice fighter, his pro boxing career thus far sports four knockouts and he is five for five in a winning streak.

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That being said, most of his fights have been easy: another content creator, MMA fighters who were past their prime, and a retired sportsman, but it looks like things are going to change now and he’s getting lined up to fight actual boxers in the ring.

That didn’t stop the former two-weight UFC champion from calling Paul a “nobody” on Twitter this past Monday, however.

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The 33-year-old McGregor was responding to an MMA Fighting interview with Paul where the newbie fighter said that a fight against McGregor would be inevitable and bring them both a nine-figure windfall.

The Irishman was not about it, though, and made up a stat about Paul’s pay-per-view fights, saying, “You’ve two fights and done 70k buys.”

The resulting backlash from Paul was of course to be expected, and he responded with a long-form video rant in retaliation to McGregor’s tweets.

It’s not the first time Paul’s picked a fight with other athletes online and it certainly won’t be the last, if his track record is anything to go by.

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The 25-year-old posted the two-minute rant that he filmed in what looks to be a private jet, and the video is filled with expletives.

“Conor, Conor, Conor: you’re more active on Twitter than you are in the Octagon,” he said at the start of the video. 

He went on to baselessly accuse McGregor of taking the performance-enhancing drug Trenbolone along with many other statements without any proof to back them up, including cheating on his partner and being an alcoholic.

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“You haven’t won a fight in five f-cking years, and the last time you did was against ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone, who hasn’t won a fight against anyone since fighting you,” Paul said. “I’m a nobody, you say in this tweet. Well, yeah, you’re right. I’m just a kid from Ohio. I really am a nobody. But this is where you fought in your sixth fight, there’s literally two people in the crowd, and this is where I’m going to be fighting my sixth fight — Madison Square Garden.”

Paul then posted side-by-side photos of McGregor’s early fights versus his own.

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“Here’s another fun fact,” Paul went on. “In your 18th pro fight you made $150,000. In my fifth fight, I made $15 million.”

The YouTuber continued, listing off his successes at the box office and claiming that he shared “millions of dollars with underpaid fighters.”

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“You shouldn’t have f-cked with me, Conor,” he said. “This is my game, and there’s a new king in town. I’m running sh-t now. If we went net worth for net worth, I would sh-t on you. Put the bottle down, get off of Twitter, get back in the ring. And shut the f-ck up. F-ck you, Conor.”