Bride Trolls Mother-In-Law By Wearing Pink Wedding Dress

There are times when trolling is used for good, and this bride pulled off one spectacular troll on her mother-in-law.

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In a now-deleted post, a Redditor wanted to know if she was the A-hole for getting her mother-in-law back for making wedding planning hell on Earth.

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She writes:

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No pandemic shamers please, we had a 20 person outdoor wedding with masks. Anyway. My husband is the only child of a divorced mom, who has heavily relied on him for emotional support, yardwork, chores, anything you would rely on a husband for. According to my husband she’s hated every girlfriend he ever had, and I am no exception. I am stealinggggg her babbbyyyyyy.

I have always been polite to her and ignored her passive aggressive jibes. This woman has bought the perfume I wear after asking me what it was, bought the same car in the same color as me 1 month after I got mine, insisted we spend Valentine’s Day with her, asked my husband why he doesn’t take her on vacations, you name it.

This woman sounds like an absolute trip. What comes next is absolutely bonkers.

I made the mistake of allowing her to come bridal gown shopping with me and my mom. There, she found a white wedding dress and insisted it was a perfect Mother of the Groom dress. I was horrified, my mother was horrified, the sales lady was horrified. We tried to convince her it was not appropriate and asked her to respect my wishes. No dice. She said “you are being a bridezilla and forgetting it’s my special day too.” I went home and told my fiancé (now husband) and he tried to reason with her and she would not have it.


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OK, we are composed now.

So, the bride-to-be went behind the MIL’s back and pulled off a spectacular troll.

So, I decided we were changing things up. I picked a blush pink wedding gown without telling her, had my bridesmaids pick white dresses, and had my mom pick a white dress. We didn’t tell her any of this. She showed up the day of the wedding and had a shocked Pikachu face and was beet red.

It sounds like the troll was completely worth it as well.

Honestly, the wedding was beautiful, it looked really stunning to have a white bridal party with white and pink florals and me in a pink dress. She had a scowl on her face the whole time.

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As expected, the mother-in-law did not like that one bit and a meltdown ensued.

The day after the wedding she called my husband and lectured him about how mean we were to her and we didn’t let her feel special and we took away her shine. Everyone I know is on my side, including my FIL (MILs) ex, but my husband’s aunt said we bullied his mom by doing this. Did we?

*fair warning, we’re about to lose composure again*

TOOK AWAY HER SHINE?????????????????????????

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The reaction was so intense, it led the newlywed to Reddit to see if what she did was wrong.

Naturally, all of Reddit was on her side.

NTA. Not at all. Never.

In fact, you can explain to her slowly and patiently that she was RIGHT about her dress. It was PERFECT and you see that now. She inspired you to ensure she fit in with the bridal party and didn’t everyone look FABULOUS? She really helped set you out from the crowd which was a LOVELY thing to do to a bride. You included her because she is SO important, just like your mother.

But I am petty and overt, sugary niceness is super satisfying to use against these types.


Oh, that’s just so passive-aggressively perfect.

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We hope she took that advice.

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