20 People Who Got Blocked By Celebrities On Social Media Share Why

blocked by celebrities
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I’m not sure I’ve ever had a celebrity actually block me, but I’ve sure-as-hell blocked THEM. Donald Trump? No sir. Elon Musk? Get outta my feed.

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I’m sure it stings when they find out.

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u/hugocaldera6 recently wondered, “Which celebrity has blocked you on social media and why?” on Reddit and the stores are absolutely chuckle-worthy. Let’s take a peek.

1. Dane Cook

Dane Cook blocked me on Twitter. He tweeted something along the lines of, “Sometimes no matter what you do, you can’t win.” And I replied “Did you make another movie?” Insta-blocked.


2. Hulk Hogan

I remember someone saying they got blocked by Hulk Hogan for telling him he doesn’t need to sign his tweets off with HH.

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3. William Shatner

William Shatner. I tweeted him “What’s goin on, Slick Willy?”. Apparently, he does not like being called Slick Willy lmao


4. Ford

Not a celebrity but Ford blocked me on Twitter cuz I kept asking them to bring the crown Victoria back


5. Kendra Sunderland

Kendra Sunderland blocked me on Twitter. She posted that she wished there were human sized cats. I said there are. They’re called tigers and they fucking murder people. She did not appreciate that apparently.

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6. Donny Osmond

I made a comment on a post on “Weird Al” Yankovic’s Facebook page (a clip from “White & Nerdy”) of him and Donny Osmond, and Osmond liked the comment and (I assume accidentally) friend-requested me. Ironically, I auditioned for his syndicated game show “Pyramid” in 2005 at the Mall of America, and I immediately took the opportunity to remind him of how he got really pissed off at me for asking for an Orange Julius when I got onstage. He never answered, and unfriended/blocked me instead.


7. Jax Taylor

Jax Taylor from Vanderpump Rules because I said he looked like coked up Ratigan from Great Mouse Detective


8. Josh Peck

My brother was blocked by Josh Peck on Twitter. Josh posted a weird Chipotle ad he did and my brother commented, “wtf are you doing?”

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9. John McAfee

John McAfee. I responded to one of his tweets with “okay poop mouth.” He’s apparently into shit play.


10. Alexa Vega

I got blocked by the girl from Spy Kids (Alexa Vega) by commenting on one of her Young Living posts that the founder of YL killed his child. Apparently that comment wasn’t a mood booster. A short history about the founder of YL if anyone is interested


11. Bobby Flay

Bobby Flay ! I tweeted that he looked like Randy from peewees playhouse :/

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12. Joel Osteen

Joel Osteen. I posted in his facebook that he was the best stand up comedian of our generation.


13. Juha Vuorinen

This finnish writer who stole memes and posted them on instagram as his own. I said something about it and he banned me from his page. Juha Vuorinen is his name


14. Jeffree Star

Jeffree Star once blocked me on MySpace because I kept leaving comments on his page saying things like “Hey man, great party last night!” to get random fans of his to send me friend requests. After maybe the third time, he responded angrily telling me to stop and blocked me from leaving comments.

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15. Dane Cook

Dane Cook. Any time something bad happened to me I compared it to him. “I got fired today. This is really the Dane Cook of days.” Stuff like that.


16. Santa!

Not me, but my friend got semi tiktok famous over an open ended question on how she found out Santa wasn’t real. That got popular and gained the attention of the guy verified as Santa on tiktok. He sent her a nicely worded message about how she shouldn’t make a video about how Santa isn’t real cause there are kids on the app. Then he blocked her


17. Kirstie Alley

Kirstie Alley. I’m social media connected to some vocal ex cult members. Very strange to be blocked by someone you’ve never tweeted at. Found out when I tried to.

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18. Billy Zane

Not me because I don’t really use Twitter, but my husband was blocked by Billy Zane because my husband drew a picture of Billy Zane wiping mustard on his face with a bratwurst on a fork. It was a pretty good likeness. What a tit.


Written by Kate Hackett

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