People Think Billie Eilish Shaded Travis Scott After She Stopped Concert To Help Fan Who Couldn’t Breathe


Billie Eilish did the right thing during a show in Atlanta on Saturday, bring her concert to a halt to make sure a fan who was having trouble breathing got the help she needed.

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Eilish was playing State Farm Arena when someone in the audience appeared to need help. The “Bad Guy” singer stopped the show and asked if the person needed assistance. It became clear that she did, so Billie did what she could to get the ball rolling.

“Do we have an inhaler? Can we just grab one?” she asked her people over the mic.

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Once security reached the fan to help out, Eilish kept the concert halted until she was sure everything was okay.

“Guys, give it some time,” she said. “We’re taking care of our people, hold on. I wait for people to be ok until I keep going.

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Some people have taken her comments as throwing shade at Travis Scott, in light of the Astroworld performance and the criticism he faced for continuing his performance despite people in the crowd struggling, falling, and ultimately dying.

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But the concept of stopping a show when a fan is in distress isn’t new to any performer, particularly ones playing at massive venues like Eilish, and everyone has been particularly keen to reinforce the values of safety above all else at these shows as of late. That’s not shade so much as it is quick thinking and decency.

“She just stated that she cares for her fans bc she does and she has been stopping shows for YEARS when she sees someone hurt,” wrote one fan who shared video of Eilish stopping the concert to Instagram. “This is just what SHE does. If this situation made you think of someone else, that’s on them not her.”

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Fortunately, the rest of the show was able to go on without a hitch, leaving fans feeling safe as well as leaving them with great memories of the show they came out to see.