Billie Eilish And Jesse Rutherford Take It Insta-Official With Their ~Controversial~ Halloween Costumes


Billie Eilish shares her first picture with boyfriend Jesse Rutherford, taking her relationship with the 31-year-old public.

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Ellis is 20 and Rutherford is 31, which has sparked some growing criticism online. They were first linked romantically earlier in October as they held hands at Halloween Horror Nights. A few days later, they were seen making out outside of a popular Los Angeles restaurant.

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@billieellish / Instagram
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On Halloween, their costumes confirmed the love affair.

Making fun of the criticism about their age gap, Ellish and Rutherford dressed up as a baby and an old man. Ellis was the baby with a bonnet, bib, and diaper. Jesse wore prothsthetics and a bald cap to age himself.

And the internet was quiet and content to laugh at itself.

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JK, no. The internet was in an uproar. People called the pair “nasty” and “weird”.

“i cannot believe instead of jesse rutherford dating a 20 yr old and just SHUTTING THE FUCK UP him and billie dressed as a baby and old man……i am at a loss,” one person whined.

@billieellish / Instagram
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Another wrote, “something doesn’t sit right with me knowing that billie eilish dressed up as a baby and jesse rutherford dressed up as an old man.”

Ignoring the criticism, Billie shared a picture of the costumes on her Instagram.

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“life is craaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy,” she wrote with a clown emoji. “happy halloween.”

The comments were quickly flooded by fans noting that the idea was “strange”.

“girlll not the baby & old man costume,” said one comment with over 14,000 likes.

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“yikes on the last photo,” another person wrote in.

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Ellis has said that she and Jesse “really don’t care at all” about the age gap.

The costume idea, according to HollywoodLife, came from Billie and Jesse themselves. They “thought it was hilarious and so perfect.”

“Their friends thought it was very in line with their sarcastic sense of humor,” a source told HollywoodLife. “They know what people are saying about their age difference and they really don’t care at all.”

Written by Kate Hackett

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