“How Did You Find Out You Were Getting Cheated On?”—20 People Spill The Details


Man, my heart hurts already with these. It’s incredibly traumatizing to realize you’ve been cheated on and it’s got to be one of the top ten terrible ways to end a relationship. Maybe even top one?

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u/Immediate-Salary-736 asked the Reddit community yesterday to share how they learned they were being cheated on. We found the best (…worst?) answers and put them all in a handy list for you.

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1. Kid found out

My daughter told me.


2. Flirty text

A flirty text from a guy popped up on while we were looking at her phone for a place to eat. He complimented a picture I had just taken of her…she sent it to him while around me. Bold. Also this happened in the Eiffel tower, only a couple of hours into what was supposed to be 2 week vacation.


3. Quick engagement

I didn’t know at the time we broke up, for sure, but she was engaged a week after we broke up.

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4. Friends

My friends found out before me and knew they (the cheaters) were going to the movies together. My friends begged me to go see a movie with them so that I could catch them in the act because they knew I wouldn’t believe them if they just told me. True friends.


5. The neighbor

My neighbor told me that there was a odd car parked in my driveway when the ex was supposed to be at work.


6. She wore my clothes

The other girl was wearing my clothes in front of me.

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7. Get a lawyer

A man knocked on my door and introduced himself as the husband of a woman that my husband worked with. He was there to tell me that his wife was having an affair with my husband. My husband never came home after that. He got an Air b’n’b and told me to get a lawyer. We had been together for 24 years.


8. Oh hi!

He hooked up with random girls when he was supposed to be at his mom. One evening at a friends party,there was a girl who wasn’t of our group ( a friend of a friend) She went ” Oh! Hi! Remember me! It was sooo fun”


9. So weird

The other woman knocked on my front door and asked me to take my kid and get out so that the two of them could be together and be happy. I told her she could have him, but they’d have to go because technically I owned the house. I then told him he was free to go. He did not go, sadly. She’d been dropped off by her ex who she’d cheated on with my (ex)husband. That was quite awkward.

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10. Saw her

When I saw her reflected in his sunglasses in a picture that he texted me.


11. Could be anyone’s

When she left me cause she got pregnant, and thought it was a different guys. Turns out I was 1 of 3 possible dads, couple years later and a few paternity tests and turns out it was mine.


12. No hugs

She stopped giving me hugs. Sometimes you just know.

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13. Tip off

I got an email from some guy I met once at a friend of a friend’s party. My wife was seeing his former housemate behind my back. He had been cheated on himself and was doing me a solid favor. Tipped me off with the address and said to check EZ pass and phone records. I caught and confronted her leaving the guy’s house the next day.


14. Bragged

He pocket dialed me while bragging about it to a co-worker. The universe really had my back on that one.


15. Road trips

Went on a solo road trip to CA from NY. My then bf of 5 years was supposed to fly to San Diego when I arrived, then we’d drive home together. Pick him up from the airport. Use his phone to pull up directions for our restaurant reservation. He gets a notification from a social media app he must’ve forgotten to delete. I ask him about it, he grabs his phone and deletes the app. Says it would hurt me more to read the conversations he’d been having with women, and that I’m obviously going to dump him either way so he wanted to save himself the embarrassment of getting exposed. I made him call his mom and arrange to have his stuff moved out of our apartment. Told him to find his own way home. Finished the road trip home without him. When I got home it was like he’d never lived there. Exactly how I wanted.

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16. Texts

Was using her phone for GPS while we were on a road trip because mine had issues when she got a text from the guy we had been in marriage counseling about who she says she hasnt talked to him for months about seeing her tomorrow.


17. Tablet

Open up the tablet to play with it, found an open email that I had never seen before – read the messages between them. I’ve never been the same since. Divorced now. We were together for 30 years.


18. She told me

The girl messaged me from an anonymous IG account letting me know it happened while I was out of town. Maybe I wouldn’t have believed it if she didn’t provide specific details, like the type of car I drove that I had let the car-less cheater drive while I was gone.

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19. Yep.

I just asked.


20. Thanksgiving

A friend was headed to Thanksgiving with her husband when she got a text from a woman saying, “Your husband has been fucking me and several other women” then gave a list of the women. She was aghast, not sure what to do, then the woman sent pics as evidence. The woman was pissed as he had promised her he would spend Thanksgiving with her instead of his wife/my friend. My friend divorced him.


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