Online Daters Share The ‘Most Unattractive Stuff’ People Put In Their Profiles (20 Posts)

bad online dating profiles
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Online dating is hard, absolutely, but that doesn’t mean you should put no effort whatsoever into your profile pictures. There are some things that are insta-no’s when I bump into them, and other online daters share the sentiment. u/Breme_42069 recently asked:

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“Online daters, what are some of the most unattractive stuff people put in their bios?”

And we compiled the best answers here.

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1. Low effort

“Just ask” was always an instant no from me. Plenty of other people provide some kind of info to go on, so why would I choose the low effort profile?


2. Dancing Monkey

“Entertain me”


3. Nobody cares

When they announce how bad they are and get away with doing bad stuff as if it’s meant to impress us.

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4. Stop lying

“I’m only here because my friends made me make an account.”


5. This is not good

“Drama queen”

How have you lived this long and not figured out that’s a BAD thing?


6. Filtered photos

When every picture on their profile is filtered. You do realize I’ll be meeting you as unfiltered right?

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7. Back again

This isn’t the worst thing in the world but something I’m always bewildered by some variation of

“hi, I’m back again, hopefully this time it will work out!”

This isn’t conventional social media with followers.


8. No thanks

“Follow me on Instagram and message me there because I’m hardly on here.”

That screams I want more followers and don’t take dating seriously. If you were more serious, you’d be more active online.


9. So many NO THANKS

Message me on (insert other social media here). I don’t use this app.

Listening off the most basic stuff, i.e “I like tacos, margs and adventure”.

Having all group photos.

Giving “requirements”. Stuff like height, weight and number of tattoos.

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10. Your crappy list of don’ts

anything that says “don’t …. if you ……”

most of these contain some superficial trait imo



I actually read this once and laughed out loud:

“You gotta be the one to chat with me first cause I’m not gonna do it. And if you even try “Hi” or “Hello” I’ma block you so fast.”

To this day I fear for the person who might actually fall for her. Such a piece of work…


12. Oh no.

“Just here for the lore because my type of woman – natural charisma, unconventional, educated, self-aware, good heart, sense of humor, has a mind of her own and doesn’t have a stick up her bum – would never join Tinder…”

Wondering if that sentence has ever been successful.

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13. Exhausting

“I’m looking for someone to take care of me.”

Ugh, this is just the worst one and screams that they’ll be an entitled POS.


14. Empty profile

Completely empty profiles

Unless your pictures show you doing a dozen different things (they never do) I’m assuming you’re a bot or purely here for ONS.


15. Too many group photos

An abundance of group photos. Showing you have friends is good, leaving people having to gamble on which person they’re swiping on isn’t. At best it’s an unfortunate oversight, at worst hints towards insecurities.

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16. This one is always disappointing.

All photos with their hot friend. You figure out on the last photo the profile does not belong to the hot friend.


17. Bathroom selfies

Bathroom selfies with toilets in the backround


18. Barf

Looking for my partner in crime. Unoriginal and over used.

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19. The TYPES

The generic one: 1 picture, a guy standing on top of the mountain and no bio or only a bio with: I like travelling and good food.

The I’m definitely only interested in sex: Muscular pictures, posts how tall they are, I’m a bad boy/girl, description is only about their appearance, bonus points if they also tell their d*ck size.

The passive aggressive one/dramatic one: I don’t want drama, if you can’t handle me at my worst.. , biography is mostly about what they don’t want

The generic one 2.0: 1 vague picture, no face pictures, same-pose syndrome, no bio


20. Ranty bios

Im always immediately put off by negative, ranty bios. I recall seeing a profile that basically said “you people are pretty much all liars and I expect this time to be no different, but who knows.. might be surprised”


Written by Kate Hackett

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