People Are Sharing Times They Met Celebrities And Things Got Awkward (20 Stories)


Listen, celebs are people too and sometimes — sometimes — they just aren’t prepared to be “on” for you.

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Recently, a Redditor called u/heavymeercat331A wondered, “What’s your most awkward encounter with a celebrity?” and the answers were so cringeworthy I just had to share them with you.

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1. Spielberg

Went to an LA Kings hockey game. Had great seats right down by the ice. Steven Spielberg was right in front of me. I noticed him, but left him alone. Late in the game the Kings scored a go-ahead goal. It was very exciting and I started trading high fives with people all around me. In my zeal I put my hand up by Spielberg — he looked appalled and left my high five hanging there. Very awkward.


2. Sting

Working on a reality TV show filming at Sundance. Went to a party in the evening hosted by Sting and at some point went to the bathroom and started to use the urinal. Mid-piss someone pushes in next to me, literally pressing me out of the way and starts pissing in the same urinal. I’m thinking “who the hell does something like this?” I look up and meet eye to eye with a rather inebriated Sting. So yeah, crossed streams with Sting when I crashed his Sundance Party and missed the opportunity of a lifetime to tell Sting not to stand so close to me.


3. Charlie Sheen

Met Charlie Sheen at a nonprofit event during his peak wild time. He brought his fiancé. I was the person sent out to greet them and bring them to their seats so they could get in without being stopped by other attendees.

Me: Hi Charlie, I’m here to take you inside and direct you to your seats Charlie: Hi. What’s your name? Me: Carly, nice to meet you Charlie: …stares blankly like I’m an enormous idiot…no, I’m Charlie. I asked for your name Me: uhhhh, it’s Carly. Like your name? With no H? (at this point I’m starting to get really anxious about having him standing outside for too long and just want to get moving) Him: Ohhhhhhhhh.

Righteous (flashes peace sign) And then he let me lead them inside. I was an absolute wreck for that entire event but he was incredibly well behaved for the whole thing.

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4. Colin Firth

I once had a conversation with Colin Firth about asthma and carpets (I learned that his wife is asthmatic). He was pretty chill tbh. I am a dwarf so I’m used to people being awkward around me more than anything but he was pretty much exactly how he is on screen.


5. Stevie Wonder

Was at a funeral with Stevie Wonder for a mutual acquaintance, and my dad awkwardly went up and was like “Um, Mr. Wonder, I love your music, it affected my life a lot when I was younger,” and it was just painful.


6. Will Ferrell

Standing in front of a hotel with Will Ferrell, awkwardly looking at him recognizing that I recognized him. He was cool though…I however was not

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7. Soccer Player

I used to work at a petrol station in Aberdeen. Guy came in driving an Aston Martin. There were only 3 or 4 other customers, but one person noticed the guy. Then another. Then they were all crowding around him. They were talking, exclaiming, and asking for photos and autographs. The guy was some famous footballer from the Aberdeen Dons who had just won the Scottish League Cup in 2014. Guy came over to the till, and asked me if I’d like an autograph too. I just stared at him and said: “I’m… sorry, sir. I don’t know who you are. I don’t watch football.” He looked at me a bit sheepishly and said something like: “Oh, nevermind then. Pump number whatever, please.” Guy was friendly enough and didn’t act offended. I felt really awkward for not knowing who he is. The other customers spent the next 15 minutes telling me how amazing it is they met whoever. I can’t even remember his name.


8. Stephen Merchant

Stephen Merchant on the other hand actually signed his autograph for me while using my head as a writing surface, that guy is bold as brass lol, but I loved it. It’s refreshing to meet people who don’t walk on eggshells around me. I wouldn’t be surprised if his time with Warwick Davis had desensitised him.


9. Manning brothers

One of the Manning brothers, the football guys, tried to give me tips on how to throw the ball. I didn’t really know who he was and I don’t watch football so I wasn’t interested. He was somewhat upset about that and didn’t and immediately walked away.

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10. Britney Spears

I used to work event security, I was working backstage at a N-Sync concert. Now they had been there all day, multiple sound checks they put in work before a show. I also had barely any clue about the groups playing that night. So nice car pulls up out pop a really attractive blonde, big body guard next to her. Body guard is carrying 2 backstage passes so I just hit them with a polite can you make sure you’re wearing them the bands have arrived. Dude flashes me a look, the girl just says ok smiles and waves. Few minutes later my boss comes out with the principals sheet. I just asked Britney Spears to wear a backstage pass. Boss thought it was hilarious I’d told him multiple times I didn’t listen to pop music I have no idea who the people are I don’t think he realized till that moment how serious I was.


11. Sandra Bullock

Worked security for the rich and famous in the late 90s in Arizona. Had to pull duty at the main entrance. No one was around. Usually people did not walk around the entrance. They drove though. I was blasting System of a Down while doing my college homework. Out of nowhere Sandra Bullock walks up to me and asks. What band am I listening to and why are they so angry? I was in shock. I apologized and turned my radio down. I thought I was going to loose my job. She smiled and casually walked away.


12. Jim Davis

I met Jim Davis (creator of Garfield) at a con and got a photo and a signature. He tried to make some conversation and I admit I stumbled and panicked a bit

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13. Rihanna

I was once at a party where I saw Rihanna. I tried to talk to her, but she was surrounded by a group of people and I couldn’t get her attention. I ended up just standing there awkwardly until she left.


14. Wrong author

I was at a large book event and I had picked up a book and stood in line to pay. Or so I thought. Turns out I was actually standing in line to a book signing with a very famous author. The one I had picked up was not by him.


15. Hockey

Met my favourite hockey player. I was very flustered. And so i turned to him and said “soooo….do you like hockey?”

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16. Martyyyyy

I met Martin Brodeur after a game. My uncle used to run security at Prudential and got me down to the family area to meet some players. When Marty came off the elevator, I just yelled “MAAARTTTYYYY” and asked him for a picture. I was shitfaced by the way.

Later that same season, I took my younger cousin to a game for his birthday and we got down again to meet the players. After Marty took a picture with my cousin, I said: “I owe you an apology. Earlier this season, I drunkenly ran up to you for a picture.” MB: “Oh I remember you! Was pretty funny and don’t worry….I’ve been there”


17. Honus Honus

Either when I met Honus Honus from Man Man and I was too shy to say anything besides “please sign my sweater”. Or when Max Bemis from Say Anything asked me for a cigarette and we silently smoked next to each other for 3 minutes.


18. Sammy Hagar

I was doing some electrical work at Sammy Hagar’s house, and needed to find a subpanel. So I got to tour his house and look behind hanging picture frames until I found it. Initially I knocked on his door earlier that morning when I got to the site to ask if everyone was decent (as in clothed). He looked at me like I had another head growing from my shoulder. I was on site another day and asked a housekeeper if I could use the can. So I ended up dropping a deuce in his bathroom and reading some Ferrari mags.

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19. Steve Harris

Friend runs outside and says “Steve!” He turns around, my friend explains how he’s a bassist, loves Iron Maidens music, loves Steve Harris, he’s his hero, and all that. And says, “Man I’d love just to shake your hand” (Why? I don’t know, but who knows, how often do you get to accidentally run into your life long hero?) Steve Harris stops, leans back, and just gives my friend a dirty look, looks at his out stretched hand with disgust and sort of pans up to meet his eye with disgust, then just turns around and walks away without a word.


20. Bon Jovi

Not mine but my ex wife once peed on Jon Bon Jovi. She was 2 years old. Her uncle did charter fishing tours and I guess he was into it at the time. They asked if he wanted to see the baby. He held her and she picked that time to pee.


Written by Kate Hackett

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