TikTokers Think Amber Heard Is Quoting Famous Movie Lines During Her Testimony

amber heard movie quotes

Amber Heard took the stand to testify this week in the defamation trial with Johnny Depp, and those watching noticed something strange about the way she spoke: it sounded scripted, and for good reason.

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Under oath, Heard talked about the alleged abuse she received from Depp during their relationship, including descriptions of the alleged first time he struck her and performed a “cavity search” for cocaine.

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Psychologist and broadcaster Cooper Lawrence spoke on Channel 7’s Sunrise broadcast on Thursday, saying that Heard’s testimony “comes across as a little bit false,” and that the actress “sounded rehearsed.”

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“She was crying – but there were no tears,” Lawrence said. “And that’s something that we always look for, it’s always a tell.”

Internet users were quick to hunt down recognizable quotes from Heard’s testimony after noting that some of the phrases used sounded very familiar.

Twitter user Christina Pykles (@christinapykles) shared a thread of screenshots from people finding the various movies and TV shows that they believe Heard’s quotes supposedly came from, ranging from “drink lots of tea” from Notting Hill to White Chicks.

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A user named Jen Bergman noted that when Heard said, “He’d rather cut off his hand,” it was a line “directly from Mildred Pierce after she slaps Veda.”

Yet another user noted that the line about the wrist used in Heard’s testimony could have come from True Detective, though others suggested it came from the Netflix show I Am A Killer.

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Instagram user @telltheworldjohnny put together a compilation of lines that Heard used in her testimony, juxtaposed against the movies she supposedly pulled them from.

Movies they included in the video are Shrek 2, The Crucible, and How High, a stoner comedy from 2001.

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