Woman Gets Kicked Off Alaska Airlines Flight After Being Told Her ‘Stomach Is Showing’


A TikToker is claiming an Alaska Airlines flight crew harassed her about her choice of outfit before she was ultimately removed from her flight. User @fattrophywife shared a video of the conversation she had with police after being escorted off the plane. 

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After being settled in a private room, an officer told her that they wanted to get her side of the story, to which she immediately replied, “I was harassed about my outfit.”

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Explaining the situation, @fattrophywife recounted that she was asked to put her shirt back on after displaying just a sports bra. She complied, but then someone on the flight crew took issue with her full outfit.

“They approached me again, saying I can’t wear this, my stomach is showing, and it’s inappropriate,” she recalled. “And I said, ‘I’m covered up. I’m fine.’ And she just kept going. And I said, ‘If you’re going to kick me off, then kick me off. I’ve done what you’ve asked me to do. I want you to leave me alone.’ That was the third time they approached me about my outfit.”

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The officer said he was just trying to gather information on whether there had been any actual crime committed, and acknowledged that it certainly didn’t sound like that was the case, but also told @fattrophywife that the airline has a dress code they expect people to follow.

She replied that she looked it up and was certain she was in compliance. However, like many dress codes, Alaska Airlines leaves much open for interpretation with a note that “customer service agents will have the final authority to refuse travel for inappropriate attire or appearance.”


@Alaska Airlines Flight attendant harassed and called the airport police on me for my inappropriate outfit. #bbw #plussize #plussizeedition #bbws #fyp

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When @fattrophywife later shared a video of her actually on the plane in the outfit she was told was inappropriate, what she showed off was a reasonably cut crop top and some shorts.

“A skinny person wearing a crop top wouldn’t be asked to not show their belly and to get off the plane!” one viewer observed.

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“I saw stomachs hanging out on my flight yesterday and everyone landed safely,” another said.

Another claimed to have been on the flight as well and called the incident “f’d up.”

“I was on your flight and the only voice I heard raised at all was the [flight] attendant,” @rezboaz wrote on Instagram. “I sent a complaint to the airline about your being escorted off too.”

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@fattrophywife says that Alaska Airlines eventually refunded the tickets she had purchased for the flight and offered her a discount on a future flight, which, based on her tone, isn’t something likely to happen anytime in the near future.