Karen Interrupts Comedian’s Set To Complain His Jokes Offend Her, Gets Booed Off Stage


A white woman who walked right up onto the stage at a comedy show in Jacksonville, Florida, to protest a Black comedian’s jokes is getting slammed online for acting so entitled.

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Affion Crockett was performing at the Comedy Zone when a woman was apparently offended enough by whatever jokes he was making that she took it upon herself to march right up onto the stage to say so.

The video picks up with another woman, presumably representing the club, standing in between the Karen and Crockett, trying to get her to sit back down. Crockett, however, wants to know what her problem is.

“I’m a woman,” she says. “And I’m married to a man. But you’re insulting a lot of people tonight.”

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We don’t know the exact jokes that prompted this reaction, but Crockett tells her that he was talking about “sexual matters” between “consenting adults.”

“I have sex. I have sex with women,” he says. “So me being up here describing my life is insulting to you?”

Crockett quickly takes the temperature of the room, with almost everyone saying they were not insulted by whatever it was he was joking about. 

At that point, security manages to convince the woman to come down off the stage, and the crowd chants “Karen!” as she is escorted away.

“Bye, Karen!” Crockett jeers. “See? White people be thinking they can do whatever the f—k they want. Storm the Capitol or storm my godd—n stage.”

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There are certainly plenty of times where jokes are offensive, out of date, or simply ill-advised. There are also jokes that aren’t any of those things and people just get too twisted up for no reason. But regardless of the content of the set, there are ways to deal with comedy you don’t like, and bursting onto the stage to complain about it in real time simply is not one of them.

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Almost unsurprisingly, another comedian, Tammy Pescatelli, says she had a similar experience with the exact same woman at the exact same club back in 2013.

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The woman has not been publicly identified as of yet. But Crockett has a message for her or anyone else who may be thinking of replicating her inappropriate behavior.

“At the end of the day, don’t come to my comedy show, or any comedy show, and jump on the f—king stage if you disagree with something,” he said later. “If you don’t like what I do in the middle of my show, just leave. It’s that simple.”