20 Cities That Are Definitely Overrated

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The argument could be made that no city in the world lives up to its hype, if only because some cities are very, very hyped. But in a world filled with Instagram filters and TV shows that amp up the excitement of certain places, it’s easy to get the impression that a place is awesome when everyone who spends time there already knows that, in actuality, it kind of sucks.

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Redditors have been spending time debating the merits of various places to come up with a list of cities are particularly overrated. Admittedly, some people got carried away and a lot of fictional places that we can’t actually travel to made the list, but this still may serve as a helpful guide to avoid visiting cities driven by tourist traps or moving to places that have already passed their prime in this generation.

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And if a city you love is on there, you can head right over to Reddit to defend it — or let its reputation for a downer spread. What better way to keep the cost of living low, right?

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1. Gotham

Too much crime.


2. Lego City

There always has to be someone falling into the river.


3. Miami

Horrible place filled with horrible people.

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4. Eagleton, Indiana

Eagletonians are the worst.


5. Shelbyville

Those fuckers steal trees from neighboring cities.

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6. Winnipeg

Most people think it’s a shithole. That’s overrated.


7. Paradise City

The grass is not green and the girls are definitely not pretty.

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8. Cairo

Cairo/Le Caire is a shitshow. It’s beautiful but at every corner awaits a new way to get scammed.


9. Myrtle Beach

I’m not even saying that it has a good reputation, I’m just saying that any shred of positive thinking about it makes it overrated.

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10. Las Vegas

I once ordered 4 drinks and my tab was $117. Then there’s the heat. And the noise. And the creepy men lingering, well, everywhere.


11. Niagara Falls, Canada

I grew up there. Mayor pumps most of tax $ to casinos and tourism with flashy vegas-esque attractions.

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12. Cabot Cove

Sure, the murders are all solved, but would you really want to live in a city with that much, easily solved, crime?

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13. Lamb’s Grove, Iowa

It’s not the paradise on earth that people always say it is. Don’t get me wrong, it’s got great Chinese food but the motel 6 is meh at best.


14. Delhi

There are FAR better places to visit in India. Most Indians who are from other parts of the country already know this but it baffles me that tourists almost always go there in my experience.


15. Albuquerque

The crime is horrible, drivers are infuriating idiots, anything new always gets vandalized or destroyed, education is atrocious, high cost living with a poor economy, and our only attraction is the International Balloon Fiesta in October.

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16. Atlantic City

Venture a few blocks off the boardwalk and it’s incredibly depressing. Very clearly an area exploited by the big casinos while the locals have been driven to absolute poverty, while they still force a smile to work the shops that are required for the tourist traffic.

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17. Rio de Janeiro

There’s nothing beautiful about the city anymore. It’s just a warzone now, people kill and can be killed for nothing, nobody respect the laws, and the state doesn’t have enough power to fight the drug lords, so they basically do what they want.


18. Dubai

It’s the clickbait of the world. “We have the biggest/tallest/most expensive YOU WON’T BELIEVE when you see THIS…” It’s hot as fuck, everything’s a man-made tourist trap; labor exploitation and racism are rampant, and they try so hard to prove to the world how modern and Westernized they are.

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19. Palm Springs

There’s literally nothing to do except maybe hit up some 4 star restaurants and golf. The golfing isn’t even in Palm Springs. So many celebrities come here as if it’s some luxury town, but it’s really not. Just a bunch of old retired people sipping alcohol and voting against every interesting thing that gets proposed.


20. Portland, Oregon

The bloom’s coming off the rose city for Portland; over the last decade or so the city’s reputation as a scrappy underdog with a DIY arts scene has attracted tons of people. Which has attracted lots of developers who tear down the scrappy DIY venues and bars and drive rent up and make it impossible to actually live in the city while making art/music there.

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21. Boulder, Colorado

The people are stuck up and discriminatory. The food frankly sucks. The weed is overpriced, the hiking and climbing is overcrowded by lots of people who don’t know what the fuck they are doing, rich kids do too many hard drugs and flip out on strangers, and the politics have completely overtaken everything that used to make it cool.”