Mom Slams American Airlines After They Called Saying They ‘Lost’ Her Twelve-Year-Old Daughter In Miami Airport

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A mother from Georgia has put American Airlines on blast after they lost her 12-year-old daughter, who was flying under the company’s unaccompanied minor program.

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Monica Gilliam’s daughter was flying from Chattanooga, Tennessee to Miami, Florida to visit her father. American Airlines, like many US-based airlines, has a chaperone program in place for minors flying without their parents, where the child is taken where they need to go by a member of the flight crew. 

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Everything was fine until the plane landed in Miami, when Gilliam received a phone call from the airline telling her that her child had gone missing.

According to Gilliam’s viral TikTok, “It was the American Airlines manager at Miami and he says, ‘Your child is missing, we’ve shut down the terminal, we don’t know where she is.’”


The utter failure by @American Airlines ,#tsa and #mia is absolutely unforgivable. The complete abandonment of a minor in their care, and the negligence displayed today, is criminal. Parents beware.

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The mother was rightly shocked that the airline had lost her daughter, since the $150 service fee she paid was to ensure that the minor would be looked after until her dad picked her up.

“It turns out that the flight attendants waved her off the plane and said ‘bye’ and she didn’t know what to do so she kept going because they were telling her ‘bye’ so she kept walking,” Gilliam said in the video.

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It was only thanks to the father Facetiming their daughter that she was able to be found and directed to baggage claim to join him, but even then, none of the American Airlines staff bothered to confirm that she was being picked up by the correct adult.

Commenters on the story were shocked, to say the least, at the airline’s neglectful behavior.

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The airline has stated that they’ll be investigating the situation and offered the dismayed mother free flights in recompense, but Gilliam has stated that she is refusing to use them.

“I have no plans of flying with American Airlines again because what they did is inexcusable. And I have no faith in them at all now, because they didn’t do their job. And they lost my child.”

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The likelihood of American Airlines actually doing anything on their investigation is low, but who knows, maybe they will improve and learn from the mistakes made by their staff.