Woman Gets Scammed Into Buying 100 Tacos On ‘Worst First Date’


Anyone who has faced the wilds of dating via dating apps knows there are some real weirdoes out there, and that they’re pretty great at seeming normal for exactly as long as it takes to get you to meet up with them. Even having witnessed how bad it can be firsthand, this story from a woman named Elyse Myers on TikTok is shocking and strange enough to go viral. The 100 Tacos Date will live in infamy.

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Meyers says a man she’s been talking to on an app received a message from him saying, “I like your face, let’s go get some food. I will drive us to the restaurant together.”

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She says she agreed because she loves food, but then he asked her to come to his house and they’d drive together from there, but she didn’t question it or wonder why they wouldn’t just meet at the restaurant together.

“I drove 45 minutes to his house,” says Myers in her TikTok. “He’s standing outside of that. He walks up to my car and he goes, ‘I’ve lost my keys. Can you drive us there?’ Should I have just left him right there and gone home? Yes. Did I? Absolutely not.”

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The guy gave her directions to the “restaurant” which turned out to be a Taco Bell. He directed her to the drive-thru.

“We get to the speaker and he just leans over and goes, ‘I would like 100 hardshell tacos. Thank you,” she says, showing us her stunned face in response. And then, wouldn’t you know it, he forgot his walllet!

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Meyers ended up paying for 100 TACOS. He then tells her to drive back to his house.

“We walk past his dad and into the kitchen, and he just starts emptying the boxes of tacos, just releasing them onto the table. Puts two chairs at the table sits down and he just screams at the top of his lungs, ‘Let’s feast!”

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At this point, I expected a horde of kids to run out from some other room in the house, but he was apparently just yelling to himself, Meyers, and maybe his dad. They eat the tacos in silence and the dad comes to join them.

“He’s eating over us, just standing, doesn’t sit, stands right next to the table, crunches mouthfuls,” Myers goes on. “He just looks at me and he goes, ‘Do you want to see my studio?”

That’s when Meyers decided enough was enough because she was pretty sure “see my studio” is just code for “get murdered.” She proudly gathered up all the tacos left on the table, because she paid for them.

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“I walk out with boxes of tacos in my purse, I look back and was, like. ‘Thank you for this experience. You will never hear from me again,” she concluded.

There are obviously a lot of questions about the experience from viewers, and Meyers did her best to answer them:

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But the craziest thing might be this story of another woman who got scammed for Taco Bell by an online date:

Which Meyers prays was the same guy, because it’s too disturbing to imagine there are two of them out there. On the bright side, Meyers is now married, so her days of buying unreciprocated tacos are over. Hang in there, ladies, your prince will come.