Woman Goes 10 Days Without Bathing And Expects Us To Clap?

@aydan_jane / TikTok

I assure you, Ayden Jane, 23, from Washington State University: you cannot, you cannot, go ten days without a bath and not smell.

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Like, those poor people around her, having to deal with this woman’s stench AND her sanctimonious, stubborn belief that it’s absolutely fine.

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Ayden, who is a woman and not a girl, describes herself as, “the girl who doesn’t shower & shows her period online” because I guess she never wants to work with anyone, ever.

@aydan_jane / TikTok

She posted a video on TikTok where she claimed to be “the proof you don’t have to shower to look good.”

Fortunately for me, other people quickly put her on blast. They said she was “crazy”, that she was lying, and that she should “stay 10ft away”.

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“I am living proof that you don’t have to bathe often to look and feel good,” Ayden wrote in her video. In it, she claimed she hadn’t bathed in ten days.

TikTokers were not impressed. The responses to the video were hyper-critical, leading Ayden to post a follow-up.

She said that she couldn’t see any difference in her appearance, save for her hair, which is curlier after a wash.

She said she didn’t feel the need to shower because her hair did not feel oily and that she uses an eco-friendly antiperspirant (aka, deodorant that never works).

@aydan_jane / TikTok
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Ayden also admitted that, “I am pretty sure I am not representative of the general public – I would guess the general public showers daily.”

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And even more wild: she showers the most out of the people in her household.

“I would argue it’s better for the environment if we shower less because water’s a precious resource,” Ayden claimed.

@aydan_jane / TikTok
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She continued, “Like, unless you’re doing a manual labor job and getting really sweaty or covered in grease, you probably don’t need to be showering daily.”

Ayden also noted that she doesn’t shower more while she’s on her period because “periods aren’t dirty”.


Replying to @madnchees the only downside is the $ but it works!

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Among other complaints, this person really nailed it:

“Hey, why did you have to share this?” one person wondered, as we all wondered.

Another person commented, “10 days is wild, let alone in the summer.”

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“I only do this when I’m depressed and lacking motivation,” said a third.

 “Stay 10ft away from me,” one wrote, giving voice to what we all feel.

Written by Kate Hackett

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