Muslim Man ‘Vomited For Days’ After Unknowingly Eating Bacon-Filled Burger King Meal


Gundogdu Yuzudik from Enfield, Greater London “vomit[ed] for days” after taking a bite out of his Burger King meal, only to find unwanted bacon inside.

In his viral TikTok video from January 13, Yuzudik details the events at the Stanstead Airport Burger King. 


THIS IS ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING 😡😡🤮 @Burger King @Burger King UK #disgusting #fyp #viral #bacon #getthisviral #gundogdu_yuz

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The airport employee states in the video that he repeatedly told the fast-food chain employee that he did not want bacon on his double cheeseburger. The employee acknowledged his request saying, “That’s absolutely fine.”

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However, when Yuzudik went to the break room to eat his meal and took the first bite, he knew something was wrong.

“I look into my burger to find bacon in it […] Open the bun to see it was loaded, but loaded with, full of bacon, yeah?”

The 22-year-old had never eaten bacon before in his life, and he states that he had planned to never eat bacon for religious reasons, something he says, “needs to be appreciated and respected.”

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Halfway through the video, Yuzudik showed photographic proof of the events. The first photo shows that the Burger King employee crossed out the bacon on the wrapper, to which one TikTok user replied saying that it means to add bacon. The final photo, pictured below, shows the double cheeseburger filled with slices of bacon.

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The video has been viewed 68.4k times, received 5.4k likes, and has been shared over 200 times. Responses have been mixed, from those showing support for the Muslim man to others telling him that Burger King “isn’t halal in the first place.”

@callmekhalid5: “So my man eats a haraam cheese burger but is complaining because it had bacon in it ? LMAO”

@janselerguven: “As someone who used to work at Burger King just know that’s on purpose they’re not meant to put more than 3/4 slices anyway so it was on purpose”

@veganlovetheskinyourin “I mean this isn’t about bacon or religion its about basic instructions I mean mistakes happen but they need to apologise properly .”

Yuzudik said he was unable to eat for three days after the incident and was both “mentally and physically ill” for the majority of that time. He acknowledged that while mistakes can be made, this is one that was inexcusable in his mind.

“It was a simple instruction. It’s a mistake and we’re all human, but it wasn’t busy so they weren’t working under pressure so there wasn’t a reason for them to have made a mistake.”

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“It’s just down to basic instructions. We’re all human, we all make mistakes, I appreciate that.”

Yuzudik complained to Burger King about the incident through phone calls and social media.

At the time of writing, he says he’d only received apologies and offers for two free Whoppers. SPP, which operates the Burger King branch in Stanstead Airport, issued a statement to apologize to him for the mistake and detailed actions the branch will be taking in light of the incident.

We’re committed to providing passengers with a great experience at our restaurants, and we’re sorry to have fallen short on this occasion.

In light of this incident, we will be retraining our team and making sure all customised orders are double checked before they are served to help ensure it doesn’t happen again. We have been in contact with the customer to apologise directly.