Non-Americans Share The American Food That Disgusts Them (17 Posts)

The beauty of this world is everyone has a culture full of unique foods, customs, fashion and more. And then there is America.

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Yes, we know non-Americans think “BUDWEISER!” “FOOTBALL!” “FOURTH OF JULY INDEFINITELYY!!!!!!!!” when they sit and ponder on the traditions we hold dear.

But we have more to offer!

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Like taking food and turning it into something that is not food.

Redditor sterlingboy wanted to know the worst American foods non-Americans can think of, and boy did they deliver.

Here are some of the best ones. Remember, their hate for root beer does not diminish your love for it.

1. Root Beer

“My Japanese teacher in high school always has her Japanese exchange students try root beer and they always hate it. Made one cry once because of how awful she thought it was”

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2. Lobster

“Not me but we have very good family friends in/from Botswana. My mom tells me that the idea of eating lobster, to them, is disgusting and scary, because they look like scorpions.”


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3. White Cheddar Popcorn

“I have a British friend who nearly vomited at the smell of Smartfood White Cheddar popcorn…. you know, the kind that comes in the black bag? He said it smells like baby shit.”


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4. Soda

“Some people really drink more soda/Mountain Dew/whatever than water? I really can’t imagine drinking something like that every time I am thirsty.”

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5. Biscuits

“I can’t stand biscuits. I don’t understand how someone can like the grainy oil-soaked consistency.”


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6. Hershey’s Chocolate

“Hershey’s brand chocolate is the absolute worst. Sorry, Americans, but that is not chocolate.”


7. Pop Tarts

“Pop Tarts. It makes me nauseous — the sheer amount of sweetness it contains. I just cannot even fathom what’s on the box, that it’s used for breakfast. What kind of BEAST must you be to serve this to your children for breakfast.”

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8. Cookie Dough

“Cookie Dough in a tube, which you guys apparently eat raw, according to the movies.”


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9. Macaroni & Cheese

“Mac and Cheese. Looks like vomit, looks like it tastes like vomit. Strangely, (we’re both British) my BF has somehow tasted Mac and Cheese, and adores it, and constantly wants to have it for dinner. I have no intention of ever eating it ever so if he has it, it’ll be a solo meal.”


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10. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

“Reese’s peanut butter cups. To me, they’re disgusting. The combination of chocolate and peanut butter does not taste good in my mouth.”

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11. Bread

“I was over two summers ago, I couldn’t get over how horrible the bread was, So simple to make yet felt like there was a couple pounds of sugar in it!”


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12. Buffalo Chicken

“I recently went to Charlotte, NC and I wanted to try what buffalo chicken was. I’m sorry but it tasted like complete sh-t. How do people even like that?”


13. Espresso Drinks

“An overwhelming percentage of espresso-based beverages I have been served in the US have tasted like bitter, burnt asshole. Commonly at Starbucks but also at smaller coffee houses.

I love that Americans are big on drip coffee, I feel like it’s underrated and not widely available here… but you guys need to work on the espresso thing.

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14. Sugary Cereal

“The amount of sugar in your cereal. I could never tell if it was a layer of mold or solid sugar on those FrootLoop things.”


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15. American Cheese

“That nasty orange plastic cheese stuff you guys put on hamburgers.”


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16. Apple Sauce

“The way they eat apple sauce.

Over here in the UK you would have a very small portion of it with some pork. It’s just a condiment.

In the US they would pretty much have an entire bowl of the stuff and would just put spoonful after spoonful of it into their mouthes. It’s like a snack or a meal itself.”

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17. Taco Bell

“Taco Bell.

They tried to open one over here and it lasted about a week. Don’t try to sell Taco Bell to Mexicans. Just don’t.”


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You can read the rest of the post here.

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Lead image: Wikimedia Commons