KFC Replies After Woman Finds A Fried Chicken Head In Her Hot Wings Meal

kfc chicken head, woman finds chicken head in kfc meal

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) is known for selling fried chicken, but it seems there are certain parts of the chicken that nobody wants fried. A customer in the U.K. posted a bad review about finding a full-on chicken head in her hot wings meal. Gabrielle knew she was eating chicken, but she didn’t know she was eating chicken, if you see what I mean. Her review was not very favorable. She gave it two stars, which is actually surprisingly high.

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Her post was put up on December 3rd and then reposted by the Twitter handle @TakeawayTrauma, who screenshot the photo and review together. Gabrielle wrote, “I found a fried chicken head in my hot wing meal, put me off the rest, ugh.”

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The viral tweet got Gabriella’s complaint all the way to the top. KFC UK ended up releasing a statement about the meal gone wrong. They reiterated that they serve “real chicken” and sometimes things happen, but they’ll be checking their supply chains, basically.

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KFC even offered Gabrielle free KFC meals and to show her around in their kitchen. But some people think that isn’t enough, like @PrefixRt who tweeted, “It’s called bribe to silence the noise.”.

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Yes, KFC is trying to silence the truth: chicken comes from chickens!! Keep those heads in hiding where they belong.