Obnoxious Man Eats Giant Burger In front of Vegan Protestors

Dude Eats ‘World’s Biggest Burger’ In Front Of Vegan Protestors In Viral Video

Never has there been a clearer example of “Team No One” than in this TikTok from Jordan Adams, or @yourajokeman, a man building his brand on being as annoying as possible. This is a popular brand on TikTok because it is exactly the sort of humor that 12-year-old boys find hilarious. What he likes to do is ask his followers to dare him to do stuff they don’t think he will do and then turns that into a TikTok.

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This is the result: “Eat the worlds biggest burger in front of vegan protestors.”

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I’m not entirely convinced that he found the actual biggest burger in the world, but he did eat meat in front of a bunch of vegan protestors who were wearing V for Vendetta masks and carrying pictures of what I assume are mutilated animals from the factory farming complex—though they are blurred out by Adams. He eats the burger in a disgusting fashion and some of the vegans are foolish enough to engage, including one strapping fellow who tried to get Adams cited for littering when he throws his burger mess on the ground.

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Be warned, everything that happens in this TikTok is obnoxious:


Reply to @morejokeman MHHHHMMMMMM

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One older guy tries to joke too, saying Adams “likes a joke” about the burger eating, but it’s hard to tell why anything is funny about it at all. Vegans are always getting harassed for choosing not to eat meat and a subset of them are always going too far and comparing eating bacon to the Holocaust.

This particular group of protestors seems to be the kind who are most likely to be annoying, though some of them probably believe very sincerely that it’s important to bring attention to the undeniable abuses animals suffer to feed us. And Adams seems like a jerk. Who to root for here?

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