“I Felt Ripped Off!”—Viral TikTok Of Bakery Worker Throwing Out Food Sparks Debate


A Southern California bakery is experiencing some drama after a TikToker made a video showing employees throwing away pastries and breads in front of customers. User Manuel Olivera shared the video, which was filmed at Porto’s Bakery & Cafe in Buena Park.

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“How would you feel as a customer? I felt ripped off!” the text says. Olivera also wrote, “How would you feel after you spent almost $100 and you see this?” He added the hashtags #waste and #rippedoff.

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However, viewers didn’t exactly see the situation as Olivera had, and they took to the comments section to tell him.

“Why do you feel ripped off? You received what you paid for. What a weird way of thinking and seeing the world,” one commenter said.

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Other viewers who work in the food industry explained that there are rules about throwing out food, and most of the time food is going bad or is not okay to eat any longer.  

“You have to throw away food, most corporations do not allow any type of donations due to getting sued if anything is bad. I was a manager,” a user commented. 

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“I actually work there. What was thrown off has meats and it’s been in our showcase since 5 am in the morning,” said another commenter.

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Olivera said he was mostly upset to see “food being dumped after you bought some of the same food”: “Throwing food out rather than giving a little extra to customers is disgusting in my opinion!”

Featured Image: TikTok