This Restaurant Pulled CCT Footage To Dispute A Bad Customer Review


Restaurant experiences can be highly subjective. But sometimes, restaurant patrons won’t be happy regardless of what lengths are gone to make sure they enjoy their meals. Unfortunately for dining establishments, this can sometimes result in an unfair bad customer review.

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Case in point, one restaurant has gone viral after disputing one such review—and what's more, they brought receipts.

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The Black Bull Inn in Drogheda, Ireland, received a review, seen below via Imgur, alleging that she and her party had to wait 10 minutes for onion rings after asking for them, twice. She also states that she had to wait after requesting red sauce (ketchup) and a Diet Coke refill.

"Staff rude," claimed the review. "Very disappointed, wouldn't recommend the place at all."

via Imgur
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In response to the allegations, the Black Bull Inn decided to check the CCT footage to see if the customers did indeed have to wait 10 minutes, and found that it was anything but the case. In addition to providing detailed time stamps of how many minutes, down to the second, transpired between ordering and receiving the food—the owner interviewed staff and found that the table had made other unwarranted complaints during their visit.

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They even went so far as to note a conversation between the server and manager in which it was discussed that the table seemed to be gunning for free food right from the get-go. In response to complaints about the food being cold, which had evidently gone right from the grill onto the plate, the table was indeed offered free coffee and dessert. All seemed well as the patrons were leaving, which is why the Black Bull Inn staff seemed so confused by the bad customer review.

After being uploaded to the ChoosingBeggars section of Reddit—which highlights "screenshots, pictures, or stories of people who are being way too picky"—the restaurant's response ended up going viral.

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Though the identity of the patron was mostly anonymous (lest you do a bit of internet sleuthing) with any hope this will shame them from leaving any bad customer reviews in the future. Unless, of course, it's actually warranted.