This Woman Found Out Her Ex-Husband Cheated Through His New Wedding Announcement

It’s always a little harsh finding out that your ex has moved on from your relationship, especially in the form of a marriage announcement. But one woman’s experience went above and beyond “a little harsh” when she saw a marriage announcement in the paper that not only informed her that her ex-husband had found a new wife, but that he had actually been cheating prior to their divorce.

In August, Nikyta Morena’s friends warned her that The New York Times had posted the announcement that her ex, Rob, had just remarried.

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“A friend called me and said, ‘Nikyta, an article has come out about Rob. Don’t read it. You will only get upset,’” she recalled to the New York Post. “According to the article, the couple, Rob and Lauren, started their relationship in January 2017. It also said that he had never been married.

“That was news to me — because I was his wife in January 2017. We split in late March of that year, officially divorcing in January 2018, and I never exactly understood why. Until I read about it in the Times.”

Nikyta and Rob married in 2015, though they never had a big ceremony or celebration of any sort with friends. In 2016, they were in the middle of plans to make up for that, and even went so far as to book a venue and have friends and family from out of the country book flights to Dallas, Texas, where Rob is from. Their makeup wedding was scheduled for August 12, 2017.

But only a few months before the event was scheduled to take place, Nikyta said “things abruptly changed.”

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A trip to Texas for a friend’s wedding ended with Rob saying he needed space upon the couple’s return to New York. Nikyta left to stay with a friend for a week, but when she returned, her husband said he wanted a divorce.

“It was like a light switch turned off. He stopped communicating with me and refused to go to therapy,” she said. “I wondered if he had a medical issue that had changed his personality.”

Though she also considered the possibility that Rob had cheated on her, Nikyta said he wouldn’t give her a straight answer when she asked.

“Now, thanks to his wedding announcement, I understand what changed in that small window. He had met another woman,” she said.

For his part, Rob has only issued a statement claiming that he was surprised to hear Nikyta’s side of the store and “was unaware that there was ever an issue,” presumably referring to his decision to suddenly cancel their wedding and ask for a divorce.

“If Rob and his new wife are meant to be together, I want them to be happy,” Nikyta said. “I simply wish he had told me the truth. As for me, I have found love again. He’s a wonderful person who ticks all the boxes. I believe everyone deserves a love story — one built on the truth.”