People Are Sharing The Unspoken Rules Of Sex (20 Rules)

So, when it comes to sex, obviously all the rules should be spoken. Consent comes first! But there are some courtesies and social contracts that exist between sexual partners. On Reddit, people are sharing the unspoken rules of sex — stuff like being respectful, talking about sexual health, always being able to say no, and laying off the asparagus. Always lay off the asparagus, apparently.

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1. Don’t Comment On The Sounds

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“If they make funny moans during sex, don’t make a comment about it. Odds are they’re totally in the moment and trusting you the most at that time.” — therealdildoexpert

2. Don’t Eat Asparagus

“If you’re having a nice dinner before a night of romance, skip the asparagus. If you think asparagus pee doesn’t smell good, just wait until you go down on someone after they had asparagus with dinner. You’ve been warned.” — lucas_mat

3. Clean Up Together

“Team up for clean up.” — LodgedSpade

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4. Sensual Touch

“I don’t know about an unspoken rule, but, sensual touch is underrated! I feel like men don’t get enough of it or experience it often. Before you get busy, take time to feel his skin on yours. Stroke his back in gentle circles, from shoulders to buttocks. Run your fingers through his hair. Especially for people with anxiety, this keeps them in the moment. Get good at slow, sensual kisses. That goes for both partners.” — Tiny_Teach_5466

5. Say Something

“Say something if you nutted inside of them.” — memes_are_acid

6. Have Fun

“HAVE FUN. It’s sex! It’s not a ‘are you worth existing’ test. Relax, go crazy, be an animal. Enjoy yourselves.” — TeaRexQueen

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7. You Can Laugh

“If your bodies push together in a weird way and you make a fart noise with your chests or something, it’s okay to laugh. That sh*t is funny.” — __groundhogday__

8. Camp Site Rule

“Camp site rule – leave your partner in as good (or better) emotional condition as you found them.” — stblawyer

9. Talk About STI History

“Even if the other person didn’t ask about your STD history, if you have something, say something.” — DallasFreestyle_ftJ

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10. Communicate

“It’s literally all about communication.” — ab_2404