“What Was The Most Erotic Thing Anyone’s Ever Said To You?”—17 Replies


Dirty talk can be a lot of fun during sex. And the more spontaneous, the better. You can straight up make demands on your partner (with consent, of course), compliment them, or talk about what feels good to you.

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On Reddit, people are sharing the most erotic thing anyone has ever said to them.

Whether it takes place between married partners or a French scuba instructor in Iceland and her student, sexy talk also can make you feel desired and attractive.

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1. Just Say Please

“Honestly anything that conveys clear need or desire. My now wife pressing her body against me, looking me in the eyes and just saying ‘please’ felt unbelievably good.” — thirteen_tentacles

2. “Look At Me”

“Gf was about to climax while riding me, grabbed my face and said ‘look at me when I cum’ didn’t know she had that brewing inside of her cause she’s pretty soft spoken.” — jco91595

3. “I Married Him”

“The first time my husband and I f*cked, he felt my pussy pushing him out with my muscles as I came, and me pulling away because it was too intense. He grabbed my hips and said ‘nope. Stay down.’ (I was on top) And I came so hard I cried. You’re damn f*cking right I married him.” — gtfohbitchass

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4. Shaky Legs

“My legs haven’t stopped shaking.” — thedeadwillwalk

5. “I Just Want You”

“During nude kissing I asked her what she wanted (revering position, etc.) She kissed my neck and whispered in my ear ‘I just want you’. Great night.” — Axura_

6. Flirting In French

“So…nothing sexual actually happened. But I was snorkeling at Silfra in Iceland. We had to put on dry suits to keep ourselves warm due to the ice water. Our French tour guide, who had been real flirty with me up to now, had me demonstrate to the tour group how to put on the dry suit since I was the only tourist with a scuba license. When she gets behind me to put a collar around my neck to secure the face mask, she whispered in my ear, ‘Is this the first time you’ve allowed a woman to put a collar around your neck?’ in the most erotic French accent imaginable. Thank God I had a dry suit on or the whole group would have seen shifting in my pants. Yes it was the first, I hope to God it isn’t the last.” — JFK108

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7. “We’re Going To Do A Lot”

“‘We’re going to be together a long time. We’re going to do a lot.’ Wife said it with a smirk, closed the car door and walked away. She probably doesn’t even remember but I do.” — spoink74

8. UPS

“As a UPS driver, I had a very attractive lady stop me as I was walking away from her house. I was halfway up her driveway when she yells out, ‘I love your calves and your knees!’ I’m Hispanic and I think she saw me blush. It was very flattering. And weird.” — Capnmolasses

9. “You Have To Stop Me”

“My soon to be wife said ‘You have to stop me because I can’t’ the first time we hooked up. We were friends and had a tension between us for 3 years before that moment. Obviously I didn’t stop her. Now we have daughter and are about to get married.” — SamFaye

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10. Sex Dream

‘”I had a sex dream about you last week.’ I hadn’t seen her in two and a half years.” — eh_meh_nyeh