Brave Girlfriend Washes Her BF’s Pillows For The First Time In Ten Years And The TikTok Goes Viral

pillow wash tiktok

Pillows. They might be one of the greatest things about life. There is nothing like sinking into a pile of freshly laundered pillows. But what if beneath the deceptively clean pillow case hid a sweated on, drooled on yellow-wallpaper-frightening mess of a pillow? You know the ones I’m talking about.

That’s what one intrepid girlfriend discovered when she went to do her boyfriend’s laundry. She found ten years of gunk, grime, and gross on pillows that her boyfriend had not washed in ten years.


This was worth driving to 3 different stores to find borax #pillowwashing #cleaning #ScienceAtHome #satisfying

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Margaret decided to share the event on TikTok, explaining that her boyfriend would not get rid of the pillows, so she would show everyone how she cleaned them. While her boyfriend was at work, she took those pillows and gave them the makeover of their lives.

First, Margaret threw the pillows into the bathtub. Then she added some borax and stirred the pillows like they were a disgusting soup. Then she added bleach and waited for the pillows to soak. Finally, she put them in the washing machine for that extra shine.

Margaret’s toils were rewarded by how impressively clean the pillows turned out. And now, she can rest in peace. Just don’t tell her boyfriend.