Married Redditors Share How They Knew They Had Found The One

Reddit couples know they found the one
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Marriage works a little differently in most of the modern world than it used to. For many, gone are the days of forging a union with whomever you can as soon as you are of legal age so as to ensure any sort of future for yourself. People take their time dating, living together, and ultimately, maybe, deciding to get married.

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Now that society’s rules on the whole marriage phenomenon have loosened up a bit, leaving people to explore and get to know themselves before committing to spend their life with another person, what prompts the leap to formalizing a romantic partnership?

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Married people on Reddit have been chiming in to talk about what “the moment” that made them realize their spouse was “the one” entailed, and while the answers range from sort of silly to truly touching, they all serve as fascinating reminders that every love story looks different, and you’ll know when you’ve stepped into the right one.


I realized I had found my person when I started noticing changes in myself. I was more confident, happy, relaxed, and so on.

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I let him know I’d be 15 minutes late for our date later that day, and he updated the calendar invite.


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I realized I’m always happy to see my husband. Even after 10 years, I’m excited when he gets home.



The first time we had sex, he farted, and said “the horn works!” I love him so much.

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We were out swimming at the lake, and there was a ladybug in the water. He carefully picked it up and let it sit on his shoulder until it was dry enough to fly away.


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My husband and I were talking about literature early on, and he said something along the lines of, “I wish we lived in Jane Austen’s time and could dress up and go to balls and stuff.”



Fresh out of the shower, I was shaving in only a towel. She walked up behind me and said, “Eww! You have a huge zit on your back!” Before I could respond, she reached over and popped it for me. That’s when I knew she was the one.

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4 months into dating my partner, i got cancer. He took 3 months off work to look after me following some horrific surgery. We just celebrated a year together a month or so ago. I know I want to marry him but haven’t told him yet.


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We were hiking and came upon a small cave with a huge rock just to one side, partially blocking the opening. My then-just-friend didn’t miss a beat and said, “Well, that’s needlessly messianic.” Check please. I was in after that.



She poured me a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch without me asking when she poured herself a bowl, but waited until I came to the kitchen minutes later to pour the milk into my bowl knowing the cereal would have been soggy by the time I got there. That’s when I knew.

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Among many, many other things, we were great at doing psychedelics together. I feel like if you can be that honest, raw and understanding with another person, while also being mostly out of your mind, you can deal with a lot of weird life stuff in stride and be just fine.


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He pulled me out of the path of a drunk driver. We were face to face on the sidewalk he saw the at coming grabbed my arm and pulled me to the side. The car jumped the curb and brushed my coat. He is my hero and has been for 40 years!!



I left for a little bit, and came back to my apartment having been vacuumed. We weren’t living together, we hadn’t been dating for long. It was just that I hadn’t had time to do it, and he did it for me, without being asked.

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We drove across the country in a tiny car for a week and didn’t have a single argument. Not to say we don’t argue because we do, but we were under a lot of stress during this trip and were completely supportive of each other. So when it comes down to it we’re a team. We’ve been together for eleven years.


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We had fish at a restaurant for dinner. Didn’t sit well with me and by the time we were back at his apartment my stomach and bowels were raging. I was so embarrassed that I was spending half the evening in his bathroom so he told me about the time he accidentally shit himself at a 7-11. Keeper.



I have depressive episodes that make me hate myself. There was one time, early in our relationship that one hit me, and she was nothing but patient and caring. It blew my mind because normally my behavior during these is more cringe inducing than sympathy inducing. I had never experienced anything like it before then.

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I brought some new laces for my work boots and was struggling with threading them. My husband (we wasn’t married at the time) took them from me and threaded both boots without saying a word, despite my boots stinking so badly that I could smell them from the other side of the room. He said he didn’t mind. I knew then that I would have married him if he asked me and a few years later, he did!



We had been dating for less than 3 months when my beloved childhood cat died at the age of 19. I told him I wanted to just be with my mom that night. The next morning he was there, comforting me over a cat he had met once. He’s never had a cat as a pet but still said all the right things.



We were at a low moment. Lots of bickering and stupid fights. I was still making her lunch every morning before she went to grad school, but it was a rough time in our relationship. And then I realized I never wanted to be fighting with anyone else. I wanted to work through our problems and spend my life with her. So we did, we’ve got two kids, and life is really good.

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We were running late to go hang out with friends and ran to Walmart. On the way in, we noticed an elderly woman looking lost. He stopped to help her. Turns out she wasn’t of sound mind and her son was looking for her. We helped get her to her car and kept her there until the son called again and we could tell him where we were. I knew that if he would blow off his friends just to help a stranger that I was going to marry him.



My then-boyfriend and I had taken my wheelchair bound brother to dinner and a movie. When we got home I went to use the bathroom before going through the routine of getting my brother changed, meds, and into bed. I came out of the bathroom to him getting my brother out of the chair and onto the bed to change, all the while hilarious “messing up” to make my brother laugh hysterically. I came right in to help but boyfriend shooed me away to do it all himself. It took triple the time but they were both in stitches, turning a usually admittedly mundane routine into a ton of fun. We’ll have been married eleven years on the 22nd of this month.