Man Takes 280-Mile Walk To Cool Down After Argument With His Wife

Yogendra Singh/Pexels

After getting into an argument with his wife, an Italian man decided to take a walk to cool off. What was supposed to be a quick walk turned into a 280-mile trek from the Italian city of Como to the city of Fano. To make matters even worse, he was fined €400 for breaking the city’s quarantine curfew.

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The man, who has been nicknamed the Italian “Forrest Gump,” decided it was best to take a walk after he and his wife got into an argument. He began his journey and once he got to the Adriatic coast, he was stopped by police at around 2 AM.

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“I came here on foot, I didn’t use any transport,” he told the authorities when they stopped him. He explained to them that along his journey, he “met people who offered me food and drink.” He also told the authorities that he was “OK but tired.”

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When the authorities spoke to the local newspaper, Il Resto del Carlino, they mention that he was “lucid and focused.” Once they found him, they checked his ID and saw that his wife has reported him missing. She later made her way south to Fano to retrieve her husband. He was put in a hotel until she arrived.

As the news hit social media, it sparked a discussion as to whether or not the Italian Forrest Gump deserved the fine. Some argued that he did not, while others did. One user tweeted, “Must have been one heck of a fight.”

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Another Twitter user said, “I really need to know what their fight was about.

Lead image Yogendra Singh/Pexels.