Man With Rare Condition Poops Out Of Penis And ‘Rectal Ejaculates’


There are a lot of ways that the human body can go wrong, so we should all stop being shocked about what can happen to someone. And yet, I will probably never forget the man who is ejaculating from his butt and pooping out of his penis as long as I live. That’s just a combination you don’t expect to hear these days.

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The man’s story was published in the medical journal Cureus, after he complained of various medical issues:

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A 33-year-old male with a history of illicit drug use presented with five days of testicular pain. He also noted a substantial amount of urine and sperm passage from his rectum in addition to pneumaturia and fecaluria for the past two years.

‘Fecularia’ means passing feces through your urine stream, which I can completely understand noticing. But is the butt ejaculation only happening when he comes? Or he somehow recognized it when it just…leaked? Because if you aren’t expecting it, it doesn’t seem likely that anyone would be able to tell that the stuff coming out of their butt is ejaculate and not just weird slime.

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Okay, this is too gross, I’m sorry. But the horror of this story is how much it leaves to the imagination while simultaneously giving too many details.

Anyway, the man’s condition is not coming out of nowhere, so don’t worry, you won’t wake up with the same symptoms some morning. He had a history of drug use which landed him in the hospital in a coma for three weeks. While in that coma he was fitted with a catheter, which the doctors believe was what caused the fistula, or passageway between the urethra and rectum.

“Even though urethral catheters have been shown to be effective tools in healthcare, it is crucial for clinicians to recognize the numerous potential complications that oftentimes become an afterthought to many providers,” they wrote. “This case not only highlights a rare complication of catheter use but also emphasizes the importance of provider mindfulness when utilizing seemingly benign therapies such as Foley catheters.”

Yes, they’re focusing on this case to promote education on the dangers of catheters, and not because it’s weird as hell. I believe that.

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On the bright side, the poor guy was eventually repaired so that everything was coming out the right place. All’s well that ends well!