Japanese Man ‘Dated’ Cockroach, Calls Her His ‘First Love’—Then He Ate Her

man dates cockroach
Asian Boss/YouTube

If you’re ever worried that your dating life is underwhelming, from here on out you can always say to yourself, “Well, at least I’m not dating a cockroach.”

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Cockroach, in this instance, is not meant as a derogatory term to describe a creepy human being. No, you can congratulate yourself for not dating an actual cockroach, as one Japanese man claims to have done.

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Yuta Shinohara made headlines back in 2019 for going public about his love for Lisa, a cockroach he ordered specially from Africa.

Asian Boss/YouTube

“Dating” here is obviously a term used loosely, but Yuta, who eats insects instead of meat and organizes bug-eating contests in Japan, had no qualms admitting he used to fantasize about taking things to the next level with Lisa. Yes, that level. He would dream about either Lisa being human-sized or himself being cockroach-sized to make it work, according to a video he filmed with the Asian Boss YouTube channel.

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He considered the roach “hot” and felt like he was able to communicate with her.

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Of course, despite their reputations for being able to survive anything, roaches actually only have a lifespan of 20-30 weeks. Perhaps it was Yuta’s love that helped Lisa beat the odds — she lived a full year before dying and leaving a brokenhearted human male behind.

And then? He ate her.

“I did it with reverence,” Yuta said. “So now Lisa lives in my heart and continues living as part of my body.”

When asked if he dates “human females,” Yuta also told Asian Boss that “no girl was attractive as Lisa.”

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“Lisa was my first love,” he said.