17 Hotel Cleaners Share The Weirdest Things They Found Left Behind By A Guest

weirdest thing left in hotels

Hotels are a completely bizarre part of the human experience. You hand over some money to sleep in a bed hundreds if not thousands of other people have slept in (among other things), borrow a shower, and just cross your fingers that you’re not breathing in bedbugs or something even worse.

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Some hotel (or more likely, motel) stays require a certain level of ignoring your surroundings and hoping for the best. Is that mark on the wall…blood? Nope, don’t want to know.

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But the cleaning crew doesn’t have that luxury. Hypothetically, they’ve got to scrub down everything, undoubtedly finding some crazy stuff in the process.

Peeling back the curtain, one Redditor decided to ask these dedicated service workers what have been some of the strangest things they’ve found left behind in hotel rooms, and the answers did not disappoint.

Of course, you may never want to stay in a hotel again after this.

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Almost tazed myself with a “tube of lipstick” that I found under the bed.



Friend worked a 5-star hotel and found a turd in the closet.

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My first day of work someone left a hatchet in the bathtub.


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Someone wrote “Red Rum” all over the place.



A gun, in Australia.

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My friend’s family owns a motel. He tells me they once found an auto transmission in the bathtub of a room.


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A baby, they left a f—king baby only to come back 6 hours after checkout. Great parents right there.



Sex toys were fairly common… But there was one left in the spa tub once… It was bigger than a 20oz bottle both in length and girth…

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By the tub: empty gallon JUGS of milk next to empty CONTAINERS of Quaker Oats. Ma’am that is not how you have an oatmeal bath.


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Found a human poo in the kettle once. Worse part was it was a ‘celebrity’ (crappy uk reality show) doing a guest appearance at a local club. Him and his mates filled the rooms iPad with dick pics too. Hotel got rid of the ipads shortly after that.



someone completely decorated the room with framed family pictures.. and left them all there. I think their stay was only 2 days. They set some up on the furniture.. but also legit hung some on the walls.

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my partner gets apartments ready for the next people renting them out after leases are up, they’ve found so, so many bdsm toys. One of which (a flogger) is my cats favorite toy over all others now including her very expensive cat toys.


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One time teenagers wanted a glitter bath. So they dumped glitter in the hot tub. Took months to clean! The glitter kept shooting from the jets and we couldn’t figure out how to clean it all lol. It just kept coming!!! 



Not a hotel cleaner, but every time I check into a hotel, I check between the mattress and the box spring. I’ve found business cards for strip clubs, condom wrappers (4 of them at once, one time), needles and porn. Hoping for stashed cash from a bank job, but no luck yet.

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Wasn’t the cleaner, was overnight manager. The morning shift housekeeper called me to a room that had a live diamondback rattlesnake in it. We were located downtown, no way it just came in from outside. Found out a week later the guest was part of that snake handler church.


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In one cabin at the mountain resort I managed, an expensive bottle of unopened red wine, a pair of brand new socks with weed leaves all over them and a sack of mushrooms. At least 10 grams worth. Housekeeper and I split the mushrooms, drank the wine and she kept the socks. Overall, a good day for us both.



On the positive side, some aussies who left me a 12 pack of beer and 50 dollars as a tip. On the negative side, a room for 2 which had been occupied by 9. And on the get some side, a room checked out for one night that the next morning had about 6 or 7 used condoms in the trash can.