Girls Are Recounting The Best Flirting Techniques That Have Won Them Over

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Wooing another person is always a daunting prospect. You’ve only got one shot to make a great first impression at it, and you may not have more than that to win them over enough to ever score a date. So figuring out the best way to flirt is absolutely imperative.

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But where to start? No technique is going to work across the board, and specificity isn’t always an option if you don’t know the person very well.

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Rather than seek out advice, one Redditor asked the women on the website to share stories of the most successful flirtations others had used on them. You may pick up some great ideas from this thread, but you’re definitely going to find some love story snippets worth reading about.


A guy told me that he liked my shoes and asked where I’d gotten them. We were in a bowling alley.

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He brought me a huge tub of my favourite ice cream flavour after hearing that I was having a bad day.



Flirted with my dog first.



“Wait right there. I promise that you and I will have the most interesting conversation in this bar.”

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He bought me the book I was looking at in the bookstore.

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I once had a guy walk up to me at a bar and said, “hello, my name is Rob and I’ll be hitting on you tonight; what can I get you to drink”. Silly, playful, and direct.



We were walking quietly at night and he stopped, looked me in the eyes, and said “i think you just broke my writers block.”

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Told me at a Halloween party that he had his eye on me. Proceeded to hand me a squishy eyeball.



“Hey do you want to help me throw fruit at my friends?” – 16 year old boy at summer camp, holding a bunch of oranges, who wanted to meet me. I was also 16 at the time.

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we were laying on the floor listening to records and he turned to ask me what time it was, i think it was four if i remember. he then said “wow you’ve been here 4 hours and i haven’t kissed you yet?”

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He said “i caught feelings for you” and i looked at him confused, but blushing He showed me my screen and that he had caught a Pokémon for me and gave it the nickname “feelings.”



This reminds me of when me and my now-husband went on our first date. We were sitting by the waterfront overlooking the city. I remarked what a nice view it was and he said “I have two beautiful views tonight.”

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When I was 10 I received a love letter from a boy. It contained a flower inside, and at the bottom of the letter he wrote some cheat codes for Mortal Kombat for me. He knew I was always playing that game on my Sega.

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I was participating in a medical study, and we were sequestered to our room for 14 days. The guy I liked would send me pictures of the sunset each night, because he didn’t want me to miss any.



My first boyfriend came into the store where I was working and just straight up told me he had seen me through the window and needed to run home to clean up/put on something nice so he could come back and ask me on a date. It was super endearing.

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Not me but my mum. My mum and dad were set up by a friend of theirs. My mum is completely deaf, upon being told this before he met her my dad went out and learnt as much sign language as he could before he met her…. my mum doesn’t know sign language… adorable and hilarious.



We met at a Halloween house party and when I was going to leave he walked me to the room with all the coats which also happened to be a kids room and he asked me “what color crayon would you like to write your phone number with?” I married him.

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I had met him a few times at this point and he spotted me unloading groceries from my car. He insisted on helping me carry everything in, and even just unloading everything onto the counters while asking about my day. It was incredibly easy to imagine dating him all of a sudden because I had a tiny glimpse into what my day-to-day could look like. Jokes on him though, I now refuse to carry groceries in on principle.

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When my husband and I started dating, he would do this thing when he shifted gears in his shitty little sentra. He would kinda of brush the back of his hand on the outside of my thigh as he shifted. I don’t know how to explain it but it was like fireworks everytime it happened. We were riding in that car when I realized I could spend the rest of my life riding shotgun with him.



I’m British, and I came over to the States on a temporary work visa, to do “one” ski season with Vail Resorts. I was bartending at an on mountain restaurant, and a couple of snowboarders come in and start talking to me. It came up that I was only there for the season, then one of them says “I’ll marry you so you can stay… but we have to go on a date first”. we just celebrated our 13 year anniversary, and I’m still in Colorado.