People Talk About The Time They Had Sex With Their Best Friend’s Parent

It sounds like a plot from a movie, but it turns out quite a few people have had sex with their friends’ parents.

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Some unfortunately were young and groomed. Others were older and the situations were sad and lonely. But it’s always awkward to have to talk to your friend about this transgression. Some friendships just cannot survive.

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On Reddit, folks are sharing the experiences they had sleeping with a friend’s parent

Some are heartbreaking while others are just super icky.


“I was at a friend’s birthday party. My friend was in her mid 20s, I was 30, her mom was in her early 50s. She and her mom took really good care of me after my father passed. They made sure I was eating and that I actually left the apartment every day, as I was prone to just sit around being a depressed sad sack.

Friend’s mom and I used to get stoned together. So when we were at her daughter’s birthday party at her mom’s house, she called me to her room so we could smoke a joint. She didn’t want to do it in front of everyone, and it definitely wasn’t the first time we’d gotten a little high together. So it was somewhat familiar territory.

Maybe it was the weed, or the wine, or both, but as we were smoking and chatting, I just leaned in and kissed her. To my surprise, she kissed me back, and we proceeded to make out like a couple of horny teenagers on the love seat in her bedroom.

She stopped for a moment, looked at me and said “Well, had I known you were interested we could have done this a long time ago.” We made out a little more, and I told her that we should stop because we’re going to get caught. So we kissed and groped one another a little more, and returned to the party.

The next day she stopped by my apartment to see how I was doing, which wasn’t uncommon. That day was slightly different. She was always a very good-looking woman, but that day she had more carefully applied makeup, some nice-looking earrings, and a blouse that showed off more cleavage than usual.

I invited her in and we were off to the races. We both had a great time, but I thought of my friend and said that we probably shouldn’t do this again. She didn’t really respond to it and we continued to cuddle for a while.

The next day she called me and said that she thought she may have lost her earring on my bed or my couch, which I thought was BS, but it turns out that the earring was indeed in between the cushions of my couch. She came over to retrieve it and we went at it again… and again, and again.

This went on for months until I finally was moving out of state. It never happened again, we never spoke of it, and my friend never found out. Sadly, my friend’s mom passed five years ago. I’d thought about telling her but it just seemed like a bad idea. RIP Julie. You were smoking hot and just an all-around great woman.” — TheGoatEater

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“When I was 20, I got accepted to university in Canada (I’m a French guy) and my mum put together a BBQ to celebrate it with my best friends, among which was my actual best friend (girl my age), who lived far so she would stay the night.

My mum and dad were already getting divorced and sleeping in separate rooms back then, so there was no doubt they will ever get back to normalcy in terms of their relationship.

After most people left (and I was drinking my way around talking about Canada with another friend), my (now former) best friend and my dad made sure my mum went to bed and carried on drinking together. All I remember after is me trying to figure out where the hell my friend was in the morning as the guest room was empty.

It took so much fighting denial to realize she had been sleeping with my dad all night… Mum was destroyed, so was I, they both denied it and said they just talked. I still cannot believe this happened but with retrospective my dad has been such a crap dad to his kids and wife and that friend has not been nice to me either.” — Dodopilot_17


“My dad slept with my best friend when I was 15. It caused my parents divorce. They actually got married when she turned 18, but they both cheated so much it didn’t last.” — Cukimonster

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“My brother’s best friend from high school dated my Mom in his 30s. She had my brother really young, when she was barely 15, so when his friend was in his 30’s, she wasn’t yet 50. I will always remember the night he found out. They fought, and my brother’s friend left the house, and got into his car. My brother followed him out, and punched him in the head through the driver’s side window. He managed to go through the window and still connect with enough force to knock him out cold.” — Knytemare44

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“My first serious girlfriend’s mom used to text me every day after me and her daughter broke up. Just friendly stuff at first. Talking about music and other mutual interests and I used her to keep tabs on what my ex was doing (because I was dumb 16-year-old kid).

Eventually it lead to her telling me how much I reminded her of her high school boyfriend who killed himself and she went on to tell me she lost her virginity to him and how much she loved him, then things took a turn.

She started sending very sexual texts which turned into nudes and phone sex and plans to hook up. Eventually I ended up walking away from it all before anything really happened. I didn’t think much of it back then but looking back at it now, I was a 16-year-old heartbroken boy and she was a 40-year-old married woman. So that’s pretty f–ked up to think about now. Basically groomed and taken advantage of by someone I thought was my friend.” — xLykos


“I got super f–king drunk at the friend’s mother’s house, we all did really, but mainly me and the mum…But I’d come as my friend was going through a bit of a tough time and it was supposed to be a nice surprise, my friend was going to her mum’s for a nice night of merriment and the mum told me I should come to cheer her up, which I agreed was a good idea…

Everything started out fine, but as she and I got more drunk, we started kinda flirting (something that had actually happened before when we were both drunk). Then when it was time for everyone to go to bed, I “snuck” into her mum’s room. My friend totally knew, a fact I wasn’t aware of until a little while after, but her mum then had to drive me to the train station to go home the next day.

What happened after is I, like a complete coward never apologized, even after I found out my friend knew, and I lost that friend. They deleted me from social media and didn’t speak to me for almost 2 years. We did recently reconcile, I sent a long text a couple of months back apologizing and letting my friend know how much I missed them, they then recently reached out because they found out I’m expecting my first baby, I’m very happy to be back in contact with this friend.

Tip for everyone, don’t sleep with your friend’s parents, it’s a d–k move. But should that ever happen and you want to keep this friend a friend. Own up, apologize and then give them space. The truth is always better than a lie, and your honesty and apology will be appreciated.” — Sharkary

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“I went to high school with a kid whose mom was like this. She’d let him throw big parties and she would get topless in the hot tub with teenagers. It was extremely awkward because most of us didn’t want to go in the backyard when she was out there because we didn’t feel comfortable.

Several of his friends had sex with her and one of them ended up dating her for like 5 years and moving with her to LA. It was very bizarre.” — Rubadubtubgirl

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“Friend’s mom going through some tough times with her husband, ‘accidentally’ added one of our friends on Facebook, she started flirting with him and eventually they f–ked. After this kept going on for a couple of months, dude decided to tell his friend (son) about it, at his house. The son cried, they threw hands at each other and everything was alright moments later. Don’t really know what happened after that, lost contact with both of them.” — antoniocmf


“One of my first girlfriends in high school. Her mom used to seriously tell her that she should give me her virginity. Often. Then her mom started flirting with me. One day while at their house her mom grabbed me in the hallway and kissed me. After we split up her mom used to still call me every now and then. One time asked if I wanted to come over and hang out. I did and mom got my virginity.” — eekkbb172

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“Here we are…the post I’ve been waiting for. I sucked my best friend’s dad’s d–k.” — YourDadsDickTickler

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