Would-Be Bride Confronts Her Target Employee Fiancé And Demands He Marry Her On The Spot

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We’re obviously all living in stressful times right now. So we’re not sure if this story about a bride demanding her that fiancé marry her during his shift at Target is a product of these times, or in spite of them. But either way, there’s no denying that it’s entertaining as heck.

The scene was caught by a shopper who later uploaded two-part videos to TikTok. In the first part, the masked bride can be seen wearing a wedding gown and storming through the main Target thoroughfare—accompanied by a pastor and her bridesmaid—like a heat-seeking missile.


Part 1. The best part of my week🤣 watched this woman hunt her man down that works at target !!  #target#bridzilla#lasvegas

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It’s not long before she hones in on her target—no pun intended.

“We’re getting married right now or I’m leaving, I’m out,” the bride tells her very clearly ambushed fiancé. “I’m done if you don’t marry me this second. I’ve brought the pastor, I’ve brought Emily, she’s my bridesmaid…”

At that point, the bride noticed that she was drawing a bit of a crowd, and turned to wave at the camera. “Hi guys, I’m just finally making him commit, you know,” she informed the bystanders. “Like we’re getting married now, or, like, it’s over.”

The second part of the video, in particular, has subsequently gone viral, gaining over 6.6 million views on TikTok.


The best part of my week🤣 part 2 watched this woman hunt her man down that works at target !! #target#bridzilla#lasvegas#fyp#fypシ

♬ original sound - Ashley

At the end of the video, the woman’s beleaguered fiancé asks if they can speak outside and she agrees. It’s unclear, however, if the happy couple ended up tying the knot, or whether this incident was some sort of stunt or a work of performance art.

Interestingly enough, the confrontation went down at a Las Vegas Target store. Of all of the places in Las Vegas to get married, most people probably wouldn’t consider literally a Target. But as they say, anything goes in Vegas. Though, what happens in Vegas evidently does not always stay in Vegas.

Good luck, you crazy kids! You’re probably going to need it.