People Share What Crosses The Line From ‘Hot’ To ‘Straight-Up Weird’ Dirty Talk (15 Stories)


Recently, Redditor u/katntoast posed the question:

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“What crosses the line from hot to weird in dirty talk?”

And the answers will entertain as much as they will horrify. Definitely NSFW . . . but also legit worth reading on the sly at work for the laugh (we’re all remote these days, anyway). And, of course, it goes without saying that we’re not here to kink-shame . . . but people gotta communicate responsibly and make sure they’re on the same page before whipping out some super weird s**t in the heat of the moment that may leave their partner extremely uncomfortable.

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1. Homewrecker, but make it honorable.

“A while back, this girl was blowing me and said something along the lines of, ‘I want to fuck your dad and see if he’s as big as you.’ and then I told her he was still married to my mom and she said, ‘Oh, nevermind then.'”

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2. Comparing herself to your mother.

“‘Harder, I’m not your mother’ is a sentence I don’t want to hear again.”


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3. Actually, basically any references to your mother.

“I lost my virginity to a good friend of mine, who knew my whole family very well. Half way through, he goes ‘god, you’re good at this… I bet you get it from your mom!’

It was a smidge of a mood killer.

The negatives of having hot parents -_- “


4. Or your sister.

“Mentions of family members

Especially about her sister, doubly especially younger, thinner or prettier sisters.”

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5. Or your stepbrother.

“Apparently when your partner asks you to roleplay as her stepbrother, she doesn’t want you to roleplay as her real stepbrother, she wants you to roleplay as a generic stepbrother.

This may help other people going forward, because nobody told me that when it was relevant.”


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6. Let’s just draw a hard line here and say no family members at all should be mentioned.

“I think it’s weird. Role playing as… let’s say: police officer, military guy, a dominant, professor, boss at the office etc = hawt. But incest role play is just super weird.”


7. Basically anything to do with race.

“Some people are really into the race play stuff. As a Straight White Man™ in a biracial relationship, I find that shit incredibly uncomfortable.”

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“Race play is a kink that should DEFINITELY be discussed before engaging in it. Like, even more so than a lot of other kinks.”


8. Confessing that you’ve put your fecal matter into someone’s life-sustaining medicine.

“When she said she farted in my inhaler”

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9. Talk of sexy times creating an unwanted pregnancy (as in, the fantasy pregnancy may not be something the other person is OK with hearing about during the deed).

“Craziest [person] I ever met was talking about pregnancy [during] sex and once said ‘I want you to *** in me after I get knocked up, so our baby can swim in the sperm!’….uh.. what?”


“What to say if you don’t want to have sex while pregnant.”

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10. The ever-controversial “Daddy” issue.

“Honestly it’s always person to person. I had an ex that was really short (like 5’1) and petite and she really liked to call me daddy during sex. I don’t like that, but I dealt with it. However, one time she was like ‘oh daddy, you like this little p***y, dont you? Shoot it inside me, make me a mommy already.’ I kept up the dirty talk with ‘yea’ but it was a weird sexual experience.

Problem is it was hard to bring it up to her since she enjoyed it so much, and I didnt want to take it away from her by bring it up and making it awkward.”