23 Times Americans Earned Their Reputation As Bad Tourists

dumb american tourist
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When it comes to visiting other countries, Americans don’t have a particularly stellar reputation. From demanding everyone else speak English to not showing much respect for other cultures and customs, American entitlement has made locals wary of us for decades, and understandably so.

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Over on Reddit, non-Americans are sharing encounters they had with Americans who either managed to be incredibly disrespectful in another country—or just plain stupid.

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And while it doesn’t get much worse than the infamous story of that time Logan Paul filmed and joked about a corpse in Japan’s suicide forest, none of the following encounters are really helping our reputation, either.


In Australia, shook a koala out of a tree at a wildlife park.



Come in to my house with their shoes. (RUSSIA)

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I once got told by an American tourist that I spoke English quite well. I’m English and this was in England.



They did the nazi greeting in the middle of Berlin (Germany), not far from the jewish memorial.



The best one I’ve heard was the American tourist complaining that they built Edinburgh castle so far from the train station.

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Claiming that Ireland isn’t “properly” Irish, and that the only way to experience “true”, “traditional” Irish culture is to visit Boston.

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Calling black people African-American despite many having never visited the USA. It’s stupid. Black is not a racist term.



Talk to me in slow, shouting English as if I don’t understand. He was in western Canada, where everybody speaks English, and I’d already even said something in English to him.



I have seen a very drunk American tourist in his is 20’s explaining to a Viet bartender in Viet Nam how his American grandfather freed Viet Nam of communists.

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Not inappropriate, just moronic and facepalm worthy. Saw an American Karen scream at people in London (UK) at Britain for stealing America’s place names.

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I overheard the guy standing in front of me in the queue at mc D’s having a meltdown: “WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DON’T ACCEPT AMERICAN DOLLARS THIS IS A MCDONALD’S!!!” this was in Poland, Europe.



South African here; Americans tend to have this habit where they will climb out of their vehicle in the middle of a game reserve, get attacked by a wild animal because they wanted to get closer or try to pet it, and then cry about it.

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Not disrespectful but kinda funny, Bruges in Belgium is a nicely preserved town with many medieval elements. Apparently a lot of American tourists ask the locals “when does this theme park close?”



I got stopped by an American tourist as I was on my way to a wedding in my kilt. That prick straight up lifted the back of my kilt to prove I was a true Scotsman. My mate intercepted the perfect diving headbutt.

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“Mommy’s busy baby, why don’t you go climb on the big rocks?” That was at Stonehenge. I also saw a bunch of American college students try to climb the Great Pyramid at Giza until serious uniformed men with firearms stopped them.

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I met an American tourist that seemed very confused so I walked up to her and asked her if I could help. She told me yes and asked me how to get to the famous alps and cuckoo clock workshops. ….. I had to explain to her that she was in Sweden, not Switzerland.



German here. Never go to visit any concentration camp museum without understanding that in less than 10 minutes your blood will start to boil because of how disrespectful tourists can be. It’s unbelievable.



While interrailing on France a couple of American dudes were very loudly talking shit about other passengers (I got my fair share). Apparently they thought nobody could understand them. Shut them up by talking English to my friend.

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Any time I’ve seen interactions between Americans and the queens guard. Does make me laugh though when the guardsman yells at them or just plough through them when marching. Just leave the lads alone they have job to do and they are professional soldiers.

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I’m an American, but I saw this airhead American who was constantly trying to touch priceless museum specimens. They were marked No Tocar. The guards kept stopping her, but she seemed confused because she spoke no Spanish. We were deep into Mexico City. You should learn at least enough to read No Tocar.



She asked me about the different churches in our city (we have quite a lot, some very old), which were the prettiest, etc, and asked me to point those on the map, and I obliged since she was polite. So far so good. Then she asked which one was my fave for sunday service. I said as respectfully as I could that I didn’t, actually, go to church. Then she forcefully grabbed my arm, drew a cross sign on my brow, and told me she would pray for me.

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I’m French, I was chatting with an American women who was visiting (friend of a friend of a family member). At one point we start talking about the differences between our countries. She said “The USA is the only country in the world with true freedom”. I thought she was joking but she was not. I told her “what do you mean? We are also free in France”. She looked at me with a condescending smirk and said “Really?” like to make me admit something. I just nodded and left.



I was in the American War Museum in Vietnam, really incredible of place which shows the history of the American Vietnam war, there’s victims of agent orange on the top floor which was so upsetting to see. There was an American chap going around the museum with a t-shirt with an American flag and loads of guns on it and right in the middle with big bold writing Freedom the American Way.