Guy Asks Advice On What To Do About Girlfriend’s Adam Driver Obsession

It’s clear that Adam Driver is one of the greatest actors of our generation. He’s got range, presence, a unique look, and works hard. If he’s in something, you can bet I’ll watch.

But what if your partner was obsessed with Adam Driver? Like, not just “he’s hot” obsessed, but Single White Female-level obsessed? Misery-level obsessed?

That’s the problem plaguing one guy whose girlfriend cannot stop talking about Adam Driver. And he’s getting to the point where he’s completely sick of it and does not know what to do.

“Recently, my girlfriend has developed a strong obsession with the actor Adam Driver,” the OP starts.

"This started about a month ago when she told me she'd watched all the Star Wars movies. She'd always jokingly mocked me for being a geek for liking Star Wars so I was a little surprised," the OP said, also adding that his girlfriend does not like him watching movies with actresses she thinks he finds attractive. 
"After some discussion of the films, it became pretty clear that her favorite character was Kylo Ren and from that she proceeded to watch pretty much every movie Adam Driver has starred in." 
"About a week later, Adam Driver or Kylo Ren started to make his way into every conversation," the OP explained. "If we talked about cars, she would bring up that she wanted a Kylo Ren air freshener. If we talked about clothes, she'd bring up how I wear all black a lot just like Kylo Ren." 
"This carried on escalating with us talking about Adam Driver on a daily basis...last week she suggested we change the couples Halloween costume we had planned for a Kylo and Rey gender bend." 
"I know this seems like a small deal at this point. But the situation has climaxed in her getting a cardboard cut out of Adam Driver. He sits in her room wearing a hat," the OP writes. "I'm beyond sick of him now. I can't watch his movies anymore. I see him everywhere, he is all I hear about, and whilst he seems like a nice enough man, I wish he had never been born if it meant I didn't have to have another conversation about him." 

Yikes! What should this poor guy do?