Viral Video Of Racist White Woman Throwing Her Dog At Black Man Has A Happy Ending

mulaflare/Twitter, mulaflare/Instagram

A disturbing incident that combined racism and animal abuse has resulted in a happy ending for one of the humans — and the dog — involved.

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Twitter user @mulaflare shared a video of him being accosted by a woman on the street, seemingly for no reason. The unidentified woman first approached him as he was sitting in his parked car, reaching into his window and trying to hit him — all while she was carrying a puppy in her arms.

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At that point, @mulaflare got out of the car, still recording, as the woman started saying all sorts of things to him that made no sense at all.

“What do you have? Love, in your life?” she slurred, while blocking him from returning to his car. “If I took your mom and your sister and your brother, do they really love you?”

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The man recording, who said he doesn’t know the woman in the video, continually asked her to back up while also laughing at whatever nonsense she was spewing out.

But things took a turn when she pivoted the conversation to race for no apparent reason: “It’s called the mafia. It’s called the military of the United States of America. You’re Black.”

“What did you just say?” @mulaflare asked, no longer laughing.

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“I said you’re Black,” she repeated.

“So what?”

“Exactly,” she said, spitting on the ground.

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The conversation turned again, and the man eventually asked the woman if the dog she was carting around the whole time was hers.

Rather than respond, she violently chucked the puppy at him. It bounced off of @mulaflare and hit the ground yelping. The poor thing immediately ran to the man for protection, which he gladly provided as the woman continued coming at them both, trying to hit @mulaflare and accusing him of stealing her dog.

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After the video went viral, people were understandably concerned about what happened to the dog after the fact.

Fortunately, the little puppy’s protector turned into her new best friend, as @mulaflare later confirmed that he adopted her and named her Movie.

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While we’re not clear on all the details, some folks following the saga have said that the woman in the video was arrested and @mulaflare adopted Movie after initially turning her over to a shelter. 

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Regardless, it’s obvious this awful incident that neither Movie nor @mulaflare should have had to go through may have turned out to be a positive for both of them in the end.

Just look at this happy little girl:

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Me n movie

A post shared by Glomula (@mulaflare) on

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And she’s even got her own Instagram account now, too, so everyone can rest assured that she’s living her best life with @mulaflare from here on out.